Sunday, November 10, 2019

Langbiang Art Station Homestay

The owner Alek called it a Friend Stay and I immediately knew why as I received a warm welcome from the fellow guests. Situated in the outskirts of Dalat, Langbiang Art Station is more of a farm stay in my experience.

They immediately greeted me with fresh strawberries from the farm outback. Gardens surround the wood home, which feels like a barn on a farm, and not in a bad way.

There were a British man and his Vietnamese wife traveling on a road trip through Vietnam, and they were not staying at the homestay but heard about it while in the local area. It was a perfect time for my welcome drink as I sipped a rum and grape juice while chomping down on farm-fresh strawberries. It was nice to learn about their digital nomad lifestyle and I was slightly jealous of their freedom.

And what is a tiny farm without a small barn? The loft area has five comfortable beds, although a bit airy as I thought it may be too cold at night. It turned out warm enough but could have done without the 4a.m. rooster :)

The Langbiang Art Station has thoughtful decor and gorgeous privacy curtains.
I am not sure I would want to stay more than a few nights in Langbiang but the time I spent at the Langbiang Art Station was one of the more memorable experiences in meeting local people and long-term ex-pats.  The long term experience of the locals and ex-pats ended up being perfect for the advice I needed in exploring the area.
I love a place with multiple chill-out areas. I felt like I got a whole house with a bar for $8 a night.

They told me about an awesome brick oven pizza place, American ribs joint and the famous coffee tour Kho Coffee, just walking distance from the homestay. Roland, the very nice cafe owner told me about their plans for accommodation as well as a real, big farm stay coming to the area.

The gardens around the Langbiang homestay make for a tranquil environment

I am stoked there will be even more incredible options in Lang Biang and for now, I would recommend Langbiang Art Station for the social scene in a quite Kho neighborhood, which is right near the mountain area.  The vegetarian meals and nightly meditation really brought the hippie out in me and helped me reconnect with nature. This place had the off the beaten path experience I was looking for and it is only about 25 minutes from Dalat or a $5 taxi ride.

I am planning on posting the hiking Langbiang mountain pics soon as I am becoming a true Langbiang Tourist! Make sure you get a farm-fresh meal while staying at Langbiang Art Station.

They may be the first Langbiang homestay but it is also the first time I got a salad like this in Vietnam!