Sunday, December 11, 2011

Seasons of Change

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Every so often as segments of human-kind become less and less selfish, movements emerge that change and inspire thousands and then millions, towards the understanding that by working together change is possible, necessary, needed and even possible.

So as we continue to visit and communicate with family, friends and neighbors near and far during this wonderful season of holiday, we are reminded that the history of faith is founded on the idea of unselfish kindness, love and the importance of mankind working through our problems and moving forward to find and serve our better selves.

During recent time’s two significant and emerging movements - the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street have captured our attention and imagination, just as major change continues to takes place around the world. Governments not willing to change are now challenged by people “no longer taken in by petty artificial distractions” - willing to take their fight for job’s, justice and equality to the streets.

One movement has already changed the political landscape, while the other continues to define itself working to remove big bank corporate money and foreign multi-national interest out of politics and government.

These groups are people for the most part that are hurting and tired of the status quo, which seems frozen in its ability to fix the numerous problems we face as a nation.

With all the big money, bribes, hidden political investments and ramped corruption, it’s hard to know who’s really behind all the ineptitude - “but at least the American people are starting to pay attention”

But in a state that ranks 45th at the bottom of this country, in education, public health, poverty, and families most in need, it’s no wonder that most Carolinians have not joined either movement in force. It maybe we just don’t know who to blame for problems that seem irreversible.  “But one thing for sure, we’ve stopped blaming each other and that’s a good thing”

The time spent by politicians with lobbyist, media consultants, private corporation sponsored lunches, dinners, trips and getting the rest of us to hate one another, would be better time spent forming real task forces that fix the problems the American people hired them for.

As we mark the 2012th anniversary of the birth of Christ, perhaps now would be a good time to reflect on what many understand as the mission of his life, as explained in the gospels, regarding our national condition, how we treat, respect and look out for all our neighbors and how His life of activism and involvement changed to course of the world and our thinking.

And so as we continue to share in this season of giving, having just awoken from a long sleep of non - active involvement; just maybe we’ll begin and in many cases continue to wake each day and ask ourselves how much better we make the world for ourselves and those we might happen to meet along the way, as an unselfish personal assignment of service to others that is truly Christ-like.

■ Harvey Elwood, Jr. of Orangeburg, - is a Semi-retired educator and host of “New Perspectives” a weekly public affairs and information show aired on WSSB 90.3FM. 

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