Monday, August 1, 2011

Regional news

by Kerry Boyles


Store employee accused of filming in bathroom

A Kangaroo Express employee has been accused of hiding a video camera in the ladies’ bathroom at the store, the Island Packet reported.

A woman displaced a camera hidden by Emilio Felipe Derutte-Casas, 50, from a toilet-paper dispenser July 23, according to a Sheriff’s Office news release. A spokeswoman said that Druette-Casas had been filming women on and off for at least a month.

Derutte-Casas will face up to three years in prison if he is convicted of misdemeanor Peeping Tom charges.

Police officials would not disclose how investigators concluded Derutte-Casas was responsible for the camera because it is an ongoing investigation.


High school football player dies after practice

A rising ninth grader at Lamar High School died after an afternoon football practice Saturday.

Tyquan Xavier Brantley, 14, started complaining of cramps as he walked off the field, Audrey Childers, the Darlington County School System public information officer told the Morning News. Officials immediately called 9-1-1 and he was taken to a local medical center.

There has been no ruling on cause of death yet.

“Our office has ordered an autopsy and this procedure has been completed,” Darlington County Coroner J. Todd Hardee said. “However, there are still test results outstanding and those results will not be available until Monday or Tuesday.” *

Saturday was the second day of practice for the team and they worked on their kicking game between 9:30-10:40 a.m., said Childers. The players wore helmets without their pads and took a five-minute water break every 20 minutes.

The school system emphasizes the importance of safety and hydration during practices and is conducting an investigation to verify whether the school’s policies were followed.

“Tyquan was an excellent young man who worked hard for the game of football. I was very excited about Tyquan’s future as a Silver Fox. He will be missed by his family and the Silver Fox family,” JR Boyd, head football coach, said.


Woman arrested for stealing money from youth soccer club

A North woman who served as Treasurer for the West Metro Soccer Club was arrested on charges that she stole money from the West Columbia youth soccer club, according to the Lexington Chronicle.

Kimberly Denise Stripling, 41, who was employed with Grace Baptist Church, was arrested July 21 for Breach of Trust of more than $2,000 but less than $10,000.

The arrest warrant alleges Stripling used the club’s debit card and check book for her personal use, spending between $23,000 and $28,000 of the soccer club’s funds in many jurisdictions including both Lexington and Richland counties.

The investigation is still ongoing and anyone with information should contact the West Columbia Police Department at 803-794-0721.


Woman left locked inside doctor’s office for hours

The staff at a Rock Hill doctor’s office left a woman waiting in an exam room and closed up for the day without seeing her.

Candida Miller, 61, told the Herald a nurse checked her blood pressure and other vital signs and then left. Two hours later, her son, who was supposed to pick her up, knocked on the window and she realized the staff had closed up the office and left for the day.

“I heard knocking on the window,” Miller said tearfully. “It scared me. He said, ‘Are you in there by yourself?’ I said, ‘I haven’t seen the doctor yet.’ Then I realized I’m here by myself.”

Michael Miller drove his mother to the appointment but left to pick up his son from camp around 5:30. His mother was supposed to call him when her appointment was over, but the doors were locked when he got back to the doctor’s office around 6 p.m.

“The building was closed,” he said. “I started calling everyone to see if anybody had picked her up.”

Miller checked his mother’s house and then returned to the medical center. He knocked on the back window and found his mother still inside the exam room.

Candida Miller was eventually able to get herself out by wedging the exam room door open and exiting through the lobby around 7:30 p.m.

“She missed her medicine, and her blood pressure was high,” Miller’s daughter-in-law Karen Cherry Crockett said. “She could have had a heart attack or stroke. Anything could have happened.

Teen arrested for public urination

A 14-year-old boy was arrested after using a nearby bush as a toilet while playing basketball on Gentle Breeze Lane, according to the Rock Hill Herald.

A resident notified local authorities of the boy’s transgression, and he admitted to using the bush to relieve himself. He said he thought it was okay to use the bathroom in the bushes because he was covered.

The teen was released to his mother after police charged him with public disorderly conduct.


Man blames bad driving on sticky floor mat

A DUI suspect told police a sticky floor mat in his car caused him to drive erratically.

The Augusta Chronicle reported that Joshua Munns, 31, was spotted making an abrupt, tire-squealing turn onto W. Arlington Heights from West Avenue around 9 p.m.

Police pulled Munns over after his car continued to “fishtail” as he swerved through the neighborhood.

Munns, who had a “blank stare” on his face, told the officer his floor mat caused his accelerator to stick to the floor, but was arrested for driving under the influence anyways.

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