Friday, August 5, 2011

Crime watch 8-4-11

29203: A 25-year-old woman told police that a man she thought was her cousin called her several times and they spoke casually. He then proceeded to send her pictures of women in their underwear. The woman looked up his number on a website and discovered that there were several complaints against the man for making similar “obscene” calls. If they think the image of a woman in her underwear is obscene, they probably shouldn’t look in the mirror while they’re changing. 7/25/11  Percival Road 29203

29201: A middle-aged woman was having fun getting drunk with her friends when they decided to buy more alcohol. A man who happened to come by the apartment offered to drive them to the store using the woman’s car. After dropping them back off at her home, the man decided not to return the car. The lesson of this story: either make sure you know the last name of your designated driver or buy more alcohol ahead of time. 7/25/11-7/26/11 3430 Broadriver Road Aparment

29212: Two juveniles and an 18-year-old boy were caught shoplifting a red pair of polo pajama bottoms and a light blue hat by smuggling them out in their pants. What they say about kids not having ambition these days is clearly true. Couldn’t they have shoplifted something a little nicer? 100 Columbiana Circle 29212 7/25/2011

29212: A man became so irate when his lover told him that he did not want to have sex that he threw a crystal vase on the floor of the living room and pushed over a chair. After he left the home, his lover called the police and reported that the man had not been taking his medication and said he was going to kill himself. He then told police that he wanted a report filed for the eviction process. Why would he want to evict a sex-crazed suicidal maniac? We think they should try to work it out. 102 Paces Brook Ave Aptartment 7/25/11

29209: A 22-year-old man with “jealousy issues” stormed into Sally’s Beauty Supply and started yelling profanity at his girlfriend. The man left the store but attempted to come back in numerous times against the directions of the store manager. Anyone would get angry - where else can he find lipstick at such affordable prices?! He then waited in his van until she left work, grabbed her by the arms and shoved her against a storefront window, cutting her left forearm against the exposed metal frame. She slapped him in the face and he fled. He later sent her a text message telling her he had called the police on her because she called the police on him. Maybe they’ll patch things up in the slammer. 7457 Patterson Road 29209 7/25/11

29203: A 15-year-old girl stated she was walking down the street when an unknown young man approached her near the wood line. He proceeded to throw her to the ground and remove his pants, exposing himself to the victim. He then got on top of her and groped her. She slapped the man and he ran away. According to the report, he did not speak to her the entire time.

 Alcott Dr 29203 7/25/2011

29204: A sibling spat turned violent when a young man started hitting his sister around her face and shoulders. His sister hit him back to protect herself and he took out a pistol and fired near her feet before fleeing. He got into the passenger side of a white Crown Victoria and fired another shot at his family before driving away. This sounds like a really good episode of Jerry Springer. 2436 Waites Road Apt.  7/25/11

29210: A woman was attacked by her fiancé after she began gathering her belongings to leave for the night. The man grabbed the bag and emptied it, saying, “Where do you think you are going?” then grabbed her arm, shook her, and threw her on the couch. He got on top of her and wrapped his hands around her throat, starting to strangle her and saying, “I am going to kill you.” She was able to get away and call 911. The man was located an hour later in the bushes next to the building. I guess if you ever want to find a good man, just look in the bushes. 3900 Bentley Dr Apt 414

29205: A man was convicted of littering, failure to stop on police command, and possession of marijuana after an officer approached him looking into houses and cars suspiciously. He ran away from the officer and was observed digging into his pants pockets and throwing marijuana on the ground. Doesn’t he care about the environment? He was transported to jail, but the officer was unable to locate the marijuana. So just go to 2900 Devine Street if you want some free marijuana.  (No evidence and trumped up charges are par for the course for CPD.)  7/27/11

29206: A woman stated that someone went into her purse and removed several items including a purple Mickey Mouse pouch worth $20. She believes theft was made by black male that goes by “Black” that she allowed into her house unsupervised. We hope this crime doesn’t give every person named “Black” a bad name. 1505 Garden PLZ Apt. 7/25/11-7/26/11

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