Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bayside @ NBT July 22

The first blow job I ever gave was to a guy from Bayside.

Now that is an inspiring story for a band name! However this bunch call themselves Bayside because they on their way to a New Found Glory show in Long Island, with the intention of giving New Found Glory a demo CD, they were trying to think of a name to write and passed the Bayside train station and wrote “Bayside” on it.

The good news is that their music isn’t as uncreative as the band name, and it also doesn’t blow.

Their most recent album, Killing Time, was released this past February 22.

The first song off the album, “Already Gone”, was put up for streaming exclusively on

Personally, I wouldn’t classify them as punk band, but more as a traditional indie band.

I guess in great music there is always some crossover, much like a good blow job requires some testicular attention. If you miss this show then you’ll miss me getting on my knees for Sean Rayford on the NBT patio.

-Samantha Norton


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