Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Future: YALL

Review by Fr. Jones

Future: YALL is a compilation concept album produced out of Columbia, South Carolina with the goal of unifying talent to create one, distinct voice. Combining themes of post-modern innovation and Dystopian rebellion, it features sixteen different up-and-coming musical artists from the southeastern region- including Pan, Cassangles, Coma Cinema, Forces of a Street, Death Becomes Even the Maiden, The Dirty Lowdown, and more. Tune into the Columbia Beet Friday, June 17th for an exclusive interview and performance from Forces of a Street where they will discuss their role in the development of Future: YALL and the first of hopefully many Future: YALL shows beginning this Saturday at Art Bar featuring Pan and Tor Johnson. Both digital downloads and physical copies are currently available. You can hear the entire album and learn more about the contributing artists at All tracks are available via pay-what-you-want download at  The future is now, Columbia.  Embrace it.


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