Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fascism in Five Points

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Columbia City Council has enacted a new curfew in Five Points and the Vista for minors that is modeled after a similar ordinance in “progressive” Greenville.


The new law will make it a crime for a 16-year old to hang out at a coffee shop till midnight or walk his dog around the neighborhood on a Friday night.

Columbia’s renown nightlife scene seems to have offended the swine who currently sit on city council.

The council appears to be actively engaged in a legislative jihad against the only downtown businesses that have managed to flourish in recent years.

A few months ago they passed a law that forces bars to close at 2am.   What’s worse, they created a caveat, allowing certain bars to seek special permits to remain open, late into the night.

We can only expect that they’ll pass around this special permission to their trusted network of good ol’ boys.

Their decision to pork-up the ordinance by banning disrobing contests, just plain stinks.  Outlawing wet t-shirt contests is wrong.  (Unless this section applies solely to sitting members of council; I still have a thing for former councilwoman Frannie Heizer.)

For years this pack of shaved apes ignored the rising downtown crime rate. When it got so bad they couldn’t ignore it, they kicked off a brilliant PR campaign that was seemingly designed to convince people not to go there.

Then, the Five Points Association commissioned an expensive development master plan on the taxpayer’s dime.

When that same plan advised against the opening of a massive Walgreens, they promptly ignored it.

And then, they turned our sleepy backwater into an Orwellian nightmare.

Without conducting a single study, these pigs made a closed-door deal to install cameras in public areas.

Naturally, the excessive surveillance campaign failed to deter crime, in any way.

What’s more, they have turned Saint Patrick’s Day--a holiday I once dearly loved--into a tragicomedy of corrupt cronyism.

Every year, they pull nearly a quarter of a million dollars out of the hospitality tax fund and pass it around to the event’s handful of organizers. They have consistently refused to answer questions about who gets what on that day.

This massive chunk of taxpayer money has never been audited, in any way and the event doesn’t include any real representation from the businesses in the area.

The same old bastards have run the organization for the past 15 years and during the last board vote, none of the “elected” board members even bothered to show up.

Without even being present, they managed to vote for themselves twice, with their own businesses being a second representation! It is illegal for them to vote for themselves via proxy vote and certainly unethical to have their own businesses to second the vote.

They didn’t even have the quorum that is required by state law, and FPA Executive Director, Merritt McCaffie ignored records requests demanding copies of the votes.

But, I was there and I counted them.

Let me finish by saying nothing will change for the better, so long as this gang of monkeys continues to run the show.

They will continue to pay themselves though hidden contracts, taxpayer funds, and back door deals.   They will justify it to themselves and their redneck cronies, during lavish mud wrestling parties and prolonged backyard circle jerks.

Worst of all, nobody has tried to call them on any of their evil bullshit.

The town’s meager media outlets are too busy cashing tax-payer funded advertising checks to bother.

If you don’t believe me, consider this: the town’s intrepid watchdogs spent more than a year scratching themselves before bothering to report the installation of security cameras, all over town.

Not a single report mentioned that the monitors sit in the back of a board member’s office.

It isn’t that they don’t know the monitors are in the back of Revente. But reporting it would upset the scum in the Five Points and pretending not to know who controls the area is good for business.




  1. Nothing will ever change b/c most people could give a rip and only care of themselves or the gamecock scores. Who cares if liberty is dismantled hey what's the recruiting class looking like? Perfect example of why little 'r' republicanism is needed for in all towns. Gov't is to be most influental when closest to the people but if the people are a bunch of libtard idiots that need daddy gov't to tell them how to live then you have this and others like it. Rugged individualism is basically dead today all you have is a bunch of pansies that vote to either steal from their neighbors pockets & give to others to waste or vote on laws that effect others directly. Need good people in the city/county/state assemblies asap if want to see any change

  2. Samantha:

    Sounds like you have the spirit. We are on the same page in tryng to control an intrusive government, taking away even more of our freedom. That's what I write about almost exclusively, although my target is the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS),

    If you have some time to waste ;), check out my website, http://www.restorethebalance.us. It is "read only" at the moment so if you should want to comment come back here to Facebook. I need to redesign the site and add a spam filter; most ot the comments I get on the site is machine-generated advertising for other obscure websites, so I don't check the site as often as I should for incoming comments.