Friday, March 25, 2011

Morning Teleportation at NBT March 31!

If you are an idiot and miss Morning Teleportation at New Brookland Tavern on March 31st, you could always drive to Atlanta on All Fools Day or take a Palin Proof road trip to Chapel Hill on April 2.  These guys aren't missing a beat and have a  22 shows scheduled in the next 23 days from Tampa to Washington, D.C.
Their debut album, Expanding Away was produced by Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse.  This is a chance to see an up and coming band and you'll brag for years that your saw them at New Brookland Tavern and bought them a drink after the show.
Based out of Portland, Oregon,  Morning Teleportation has a unique sound and use a variety of instruments from banjo and trumpet.  Its like folk indie rock but my description just sounds lame and escapes their awesomeness.  Just don't miss this show.  Mark your calendar, touch your iPad, obnoxiously use your Google phone at a restaurant,  and listen to the full album on before the show!

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