Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Voting machine problems

A citizens group has audited the November 2010 election results in Richland County.  The results are astounding and confirm some of the concerns columnist Will Moredock has been writing about in his column.

In the Bluff precinct there were 772 votes not counted.  According to the report entire precincts were missing data,  "Gadsden and Riverside precincts (numbers 327 and 362, respectively) are entirely missing from both the event log and the vote image file."

Not only are there cases of votes not being counted, in seven precincts there are more votes certified than were in the vote image file. Here were the overages by precinct:

122 Ward= >119 extra votes certified

316 Eastover= >511


322N Forest Acres=>128


355Pine Lakes=>256


Read the entire report here and demand from your representatives that legislation be passed to require voting machines to have some sort of paper trail.

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