Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gulliver's Travels Review

Gulliver’s Travels is a new cover on a classically old story with recognizable faces playing characters book fans have only been imagining in their minds for years.  Jack Black plays the famous Lemule Gulliver the main character in the story known for School of Rock (2003), and Kung Fu Panda (2008).  He is accompanied by Jason Segal playing Horatio a new friend he meets on the island of Lilliput, famous for his roles in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) and How I met Your Mother (2005).  The movie is a new take on a classic book and exceeds its counterpart in humor and energy to which anyone will enjoy.

Gulliver is a mail room clerk in New York.  Troubled that he is stuck in his career and life he tries to show off to his long time crush Darcy Silverman (Amanda Peet).  When she sends him to the Bermuda triangle to write a puff piece for his first assignment he is transported to another world.  He awakes to find himself surrounded in a land of strange little people still in a time in history.  Gulliver thought to be an enemy is captured and imprisoned where he meets Horatio, imprisoned for unlawful courting of the Princess Mary (Emily Blunt) his long time crush.  They become quick friends.  After foiling an attempt to kidnap the princess, Gulliver becomes friend to the people of Lilliput, excluding General Edward (Chris O’Dowd).  Before long Gulliver is the new General and has even stopped an attack after helping Horatio successfully court Princess Mary.  General Edward discouraged on both fronts turns sides and joins forces with the enemies of Lilliput.  When he defeats Gulliver and exhiles him on the forbidden island Horatio comes to tell him that Darcy Silverman is in General Edwards capture he must muster his courage, stop feeling sorry for himself and be the man he wants and should be.

This is Yet another film using the new popular 3D technology.  I myself am a fan and opted for it.  I found myself a little disappointed when the only real moments i found myself enjoying the 3D environment was during the short “coming right at me” sequences.  That being said the technology of having an entire civilization just an inch tall compared to Jack Black was extraordinary.  Very little did I find myself saying the lighting was off and i could tell the character was not really there, such as the scene when Horatio comes to Gulliver’s aid on the forbidden island.   The rest of the graphics were quite well done, the lighting and textures done beautifully as well.

The comedy i found quite amusing.  Appropriate for all ages and not once was I offended.   There was no vulgar humor and very little was if at all crude.  The one particular line that had me cracking up was when Horatio and Gulliver were testing lines and Horatio suggested “I’ll call you potomous, cuz you’ve got no hips.”  Jack Black was certainly funny in this film, one of his better ones in my opinions.  But i found that Jason Segal was stealing the show.  Almost every time he opened his mouth i couldn’t help but laugh, mostly by his attempts at trying to court the Princess Mary.

Again this was a film that was only an hour and twenty minuets long. Something I cant stand is paying to see something and only getting what seems like an episode of a show.  But again thinking of their target audience of children and young adults it is better to let them enjoy it and keep their attention then let their mind wander and get bored.  The humor was appropriate for any ages and nothing offensive which is a must again for their target audience.  I enjoyed the film but I think the story was lacking quite a bit, it seemed rushed and fragile.  My suggestion is take the kids to see it, they will certainly enjoy it.  If your a Jack Black fan or want to have a little adventure wait to rent it and watch at home or see it in 2D on the big screen if you really want to, 3D is just not worth it.

Written by Nathan Couture

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