Friday, November 5, 2010

Future Islands at NBT

Sunday, November 7,

Future Islands
Lonnie Walker
Fat Camp

Future Islands is a minimalist new wave act hailing from Baltimore. Future Islands sets themselves apart with their amazing vocalist, Samuel T Herring. Herring has a dramatic, husky voice with a hint of roughness that reminds me of Nick Cave.  They recently put out a 7" with Lonnie Walker. Lonnie Walker is at its core an Americana band, but its sound is infused with indie and punk.

The connection musically? Not much, but I have recommended shows with bands much more divergent than these two. (I believe members of both bands went to East Carolina so I am guessing they are friends. I am sure someone will let me know if I am right).

And the opener Fat Camp? They were a reader's choice for Best New Charlotte Band in 2010. At first glance, one might think that just means they have a lot of friends who voted for them, but after a listen, one discovers they actually have a lot of entertaining songs. Check out "Reach Around" and "Making Love to the Ginger Jew!" But don’t take my word for it –  head over early to NBT to hear them for yourself.

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  1. Yes...they are friends...Brian Corum and William Cashion went to High School together AND East Carolina University.