Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Peace and blessings.  Hope the last edition gave you more than enough new music to vibe to).  Fall is officially here, the South Carolina State Fair is underway, and the holiday sales have already begun; let’s get straight to it!!


A few weeks back I had the pleasure of meeting a dynamic up and coming singer who hails right here from South Carolina.  To describe her sound you must be familiar with these three particular artists: Regina Belle (Soul), Nina Simone (Jazz), and Kierra ‘Kiki’ Sheard (Gospel).

Regina Belle, simply for the great and efficient use of her vocal ability.  Vocally this singer is in total control of her tool.  With great command of her soprano and alto ranges, this singer is definitely not too ‘shabby’ behind the ivory keys either.  Having superb command of the various scales and rhythms that a piano can emit aligned with message filled music; this young singer is the fruit from the house that ‘Nina’ built.

Simply having great vocal and musical ability will provide most artists with plenty mileage on their road to success, but this centered singer will go extremely further than her counterparts because of one primary reason; humility.  Being grounded in an industry in which it is the norm to act and perform out of character is a rarity.  As with most true singers, this artist was groomed and celebrated within the church and this ability resonates totally throughout her debut project, ‘SO FAR.’  ‘Kiki’ Sheard would definitely be honored to sing beside this young songbird.

This artist goes by the name of TYNE’ (pronounced Ty-Ann) and she is definitely an amazing talent to look out for.  ‘SO FAR’, her debut project is one filled with tales of love, triumph, perseverance, faith, pride, and victory.  From the inspiring ‘Gonna Make It There’ and ‘Pride’ to the vintage sounding ‘This Love’ and insightful ‘The World Is Cold’; you will definitely enjoy her music. You gonna have to catch her sounds on a first come, first serve basis until her project is released to the masses.  Hope you get a chance to enjoy; I have!!!!


Enjoy all the time you are given!!!

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