Friday, September 24, 2010

Vocal Booth: NOSTALGIA

Peace and blessings.  Hope the last edition gave you more than enough information to keep you vibing through the summer.  Summer has breezed by and autumn is on its way.  Back to parties, tailgating, homecomings, rushes, and step shows.  Since the weather is on the drop, I figured I’d reminisce with y’all today. Let’s get it!!


As I was driving this state for the past few weeks and scanning the various local stations, I noticed that there is a tremendous absence of Hip Hop groups in today’s musical landscape.  I want to give you a list (in no particular order) of one of the greatest groups of all time (hit I-Tunes to get most of these records)….The Roots (and some of their collective produced output).  Composed of founding members, Tarik ‘Black Thought’ Trotter, Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson, and a staple of various members throughout their years to perfect that sound; simply put, The Roots are the standard by which every group in Hip Hop should be measured by.  This list should remind you why greatness can never be taken for granted...

Good Music (1993)

Essawahmah? (1993)

The Session (1993)

Proceed (1994)

Distortion To Static (1994)

Silent Treatment (1994)

The Lesson Part 1 (1994)

Respond/React (1996)

Section (1996)

It Just Don’t Stop (1996)

What They Do (1996)

Concerto Of The Desperado (1996)

Clones (1996)

Universe @ War (1996)

The Hypnotic (1996)

The Adventures In Wonderland (1996)

The Next Movement (1999)

The Spark (1999)

Dynamite (1999)

Ain’t Saying Nothing New (1999)

Double Trouble (1999)

Act Too (Love Of My Life) (1999)

100% Dundee (1999)

You Got Me (1999)

Don’t See Us(1999)

Lesson Part 2 (2000)

What Y’all Want (1999)

The Ultimate (1999)

Sacrifice (2002)

Complexity (2002)

The Seed 2.0 (2002)

Water (2002)

Quills (2002)

Pussy Galore (2002)

Star (2004)

Stay Cool (2004)

Web (2004)

Boom! (2004)

Game Theory (2006)

Don’t Feel Right (2006)

Here I Come (2006)

Living In A New World (2006)

Get Busy (2008)

@15 (2008)

Criminal (2008)

Rising Up (2008)

Walk Alone (2010)

Right On (2010)

Dear God (2010)

And plenty more album/live/bonus cuts from the almost 20 year discography & careers

Once your tuition, room & board, meal plan, and books are all paid for, take a small portion of that overage money and go out and buy a CD or two (I recommend PAPA JAZZ RECORD SHOPPE- 5 POINTS) from The Roots and keep great & innovative music around!!!

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