Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Michael Krajewski at HOFP 9/3

City Paper recently sat down with one of Columbia’s most progressive and buzz worthy artists, Michael Krajewski. His show “Fraught” opens September 3 at HoFP Gallery.

By Paul Blake

COLUMBIA CITY PAPER: Laura Brown’s Artist Basement is often credited for “discovering” you.  Do you wish the community embraced her private local gallery the way it supports a tax payer funded venture like 701 Gallery?  Needless to say, the community should support 701, but I thought I would pose the question to an artist who has had successful shows at both.

MICHAEL KRAJEWSKI: I think the Artist Basement was embraced by the community. We had many successful shows there. And, I see many familiar faces supporting 701.    701 is a whole different creature than Artists Basement. The renovation of that building is incredible and I think it is a huge boost for Olympia and the arts community. 701 Gallery has allowed me to do incredibly groundbreaking shows like the first live painting on a nude woman.

CCP: If you ever get thousands of dollars in grants or hospitality tax money, will you consider buying a $50 ad in [Columbia] City Paper? I mean, this is like your fourth interview in the past five years.

MK: I have painted news boxes for Columbia City Paper, one of which has been stolen from the corner of Main and Gervais. I haven’t seen any money from them.  ...Don’t you guys owe me a couple hundred bucks?

CCP: Er, moving right along: I read that you have donated art for a variety of charities including Adopt a Pet and Sistercare, among others.  I assume you are a starving artist, so what inspires you to support these kinds of entities?

MK: Is this an investigative report or are we here to talk about my upcoming shows?

CCP: Word on the street is that you will be featured in the September issue of SKIRT magazine. I’m sure the ladies will be excited about that?

MK: Don’t get too excited ladies; I still have only one lady on my mind, although she recently moved away from Columbia.

CCP: [Mimics sound of cracking whip.]

MK: [Stares back silently. Not amused.]

CCP: ...So tell me about your upcoming shows.

MK: I have a solo show at the HOFP Gallery on September 3rd. It will all be my newest works. There will also be a video installation done by Jason Stroud, starring Bonnie Boiter-Jolley. I will also be showing in November on Main St. for their First Thursday at F.O.M. [Frame of Mind].

CCP: It seems all the good people leave Columbia.  Does the fact that you are still around speak to the quality of your work?

MK: Well, you guys are still around.

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