Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kevin Seconds At New Brookland Tavern

Thursday, Sept. 23

Creative souls evolve. And, so has Kevin Seconds. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing. Mohawked 1980’s reenactors shouldn’t show up at New Brookland in their leather jackets and expect to hear acoustic versions of “Walk Together, Rock Together.” These days, Mr. Seconds is expressing himself in the form of a grizzled troubadour playing up-tempo acoustic ramblers. Basically, the kind of stuff you’d expect to hear Kevin Seconds or Tim Barry or Jeff Ott play if you passed them an acoustic guitar around a backyard fire. Who wouldn’t want to hear that? One of the underground’s greats reducing his songs down to their elemental core, letting it come out how it comes out. (In essence, the original defining characteristic of punk and hardcore.)

Conversely, Kevin Seconds: don’t show up in Columbia and expect the ape shit crowds that 7 Seconds used to draw at Rockafellas back in the day. But, we will show up –geezers and newbies alike—to pay our respects and have a lot of fun.

-Norbet Sykes

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