Friday, May 21, 2010

Regional News Briefs


Society of knights, medieval festival taking shape in countryside
An Aiken County couple who have built and live in a three story structure resembling a castle tower have announced plans to hold a medieval festival on their property and open their land to the formation of a medieval style village.
Sherman and Donna Gills, who go by the titles King Keliance and Queen Mysteria respectively, say they plan to build another tower, a dining area and a grand hall onto the existing structure. According to the Aiken Standard, they are also assembling an order of knights made up of other area medieval enthusiasts. The group, consisting of around 23 members, uses the castle, which the Gills have named EastWind, as their meeting place. Members of the group may also begin to build medieval structures on the property, such as cottages, smithies and an armory.
The group recently held the first annual Medieval Games and Renaissance Fair for the community, featuring ax and dagger throwing, a maypole dance, and catapults. The Standard’s account of the festival featured a photo of King Keliance standing in front of EastWind in medieval garb holding what appears to be a corndog.


Jilted john claims prostitute stole DVDs
A North Charleston man called authorities after a prostitute he hired allegedly stole a jar of quarters and some DVDs from his home.
According to a police report, the man, 58, called police around 7:30 a.m. claiming he had paid a woman named Rose to have sex with him the night before, then awoke to find $5 worth of quarters and a few movies missing.
So far, no arrests have been made.

Man claims he only broke into county office to watch online movie trailers

A Charleston man arrested for breaking and entering claims his motives were simple: to grab a bite to eat and stream a few movie trailers online.
Officers responding to an alarm being activated at the Charleston County Human Services building found the man hiding under a desk, according to the Charleston Post and Courier.
Police charged Stanley Fields, 49, with burglary, second offense. An office employee later said the computer had not been used and nothing appeared to have been stolen.


Cat stuck in tree for six weeks finally rescued
A Hartsville area cat is recovering at home after an arborist freed it from the top of a pine tree. The cat, named Lucky, had reportedly been stuck in the tree, nearly 90 feet above the ground, since last month.
Lucky’s owner, Richard Nall, told the Florence Morning News that he’d sought out help from a number of tree trimming services, the fire department, and a utility company but that none of them could get the cat down. Finally, he said, an area arborist was able to climb the tree and send Lucky down in a bucket.
The cat was returned home after being treated for severe dehydration, starvation and fever. Nall says he won’t keep the cat indoors an inside-only pet, because Lucky enjoys the outdoors.


Beef jerky brings shoplifter’s spree to an end... for now
Rock Hill police are looking for a Lancaster man accused of shoplifting over 100 items from Family Dollar, Big Lots, CVS, Wal-Mart and Lowe’s.
According to the Rock Hill Herald, authorities were tipped off about the suspect after a Family Dollar employee witnessed him stuff beef jerky down his pants. The clerk noted the make and model of the man’s car, took down his license plate number, and reported him.
Police found the car a few hours later at a BP gas station, but the suspect fled the scene. Officers found a woman asleep in the back of the car. The woman said the suspect had picked her up from Piedmont Medical Center and drove around while she slept.
A search of the car uncovered stolen tools, flashlights, razors, and medications. The beef jerky was also recovered. The suspect remains at large.


Drunk man “sucked under” train while texting and walking tracks
A Summerville says he has found God after being run over by a train while intoxicated.
Christopher Coleman, 26, was texting his wife while walking along the railroad tracks near Icehouse Bar when the incident occurred, according to the Charleston Post and Courier. Coleman, who was reportedly slurring his speech and smelled of alcohol, told police he saw a light approaching before he was “sucked under” an oncoming train.
The train engineer told police he witnessed Coleman laying on the tracks.
“I remember laying between the rails,” Coleman told police. “I remember seeing the train pass over me, and I could feel the rails moving. I put my head against one rail, and my feet against the other.”
Police took Coleman to the hospital for treatment of minor cuts and bruises before transporting him to the Dorchester County Detention Center on a charge of disorderly conduct.
“I didn’t really believe in God until tonight,” Coleman said.

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