Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fight over dentures in the Regional Briefs


Thrill seeker injured in dive from Folly Pier

A Pelzer man’s condition is unknown at press time after authorities say he unknowingly dove headfirst into four feet of water from the Folly Beach Pier.
According to reports, the 27-year-old man’s two friends, who jumped feet-first into the water, helped him to shore so he could be tended to by Folly Beach authorities before Charleston County EMS arrived on scene. Thomas Roy was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

Man on symbolic cross-country walk takes wrong turn in Mt. Pleasant

The greater Charleston area, long renowned for its confusing inter-island bridge connectors and downtown street layout, recently claimed another victim: a man on a cross-country walk to combat obesity

Mike Blevins, 22, told the Charleston Post and Courier that he took a bus from his Deering, N.H. home to Folly Beach, at which point he planned to walk from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Ocean. Blevins, who weighs over 400 pounds, says he planned the walk to lose weight and hopefully find love.

Blevins’ walk hit an immediate snag when he took a wrong turn and ended up in Mount Pleasant. Frustrated, he reportedly spent the night in a hotel room and made his way back across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge to get back on course.
“I am off to a horrible start,” Blevins told the Post and Courier. “My feet are already hurting. It’s only going to get worse.”


Dog walker says mastiff mistook chihuahua for chew toy in fatal park incident

A man who was dog-sitting a large mastiff that killed a terrier-chihuahua mix last week says the animal mistook the smaller dog for his favorite chew toy.
According to the Charlotte Observer, the man said he had been watching the mastiff for his girlfriend’s relatives. The large dog had reportedly been tossing around a brown stuffed animal and shaking it violently in an area of the dog park designated for large breeds. That’s when Maran Heatwole reportedly brought her miniature dog, Presley, into the area.

The mastiff reportedly grabbed Presley when she walked by and shook her in a similar violent fashion. The case is under investigation and so far no charges have been filed. The Heatwole family reportedly held an evening vigil for Presley in the dog park.


Deputy files suit, alleging sexual harassment

A female Florence County Sheriff’s deputy has filed a federal suit against the Sheriff’s Dept. and a male deputy citing sexual harassment, negligence, and civil rights violations.

Deputy Jody L. Lynch, alleges she was sexually harassed numerous times by Lt. Larry Roscoe and that sheriff’s office supervisors did nothing in response to her complaints. According to a report by the Florence Morning News, the suit alleges that Roscoe said he wanted to put his hands down her shirt, sent her text messages containing nudity, and later offered to show her “what a real man could do” while in the presence of other officers.

According to the report, the suit also claims when Lynch went to Capt. Donnie Huggins, Roscoe’s supervisor, to discuss the off-duty schedule “Huggins stated that he wasn’t going to let her ruin his weekend and that they should ‘get naked.’”
Lynch alleges that Sheriff Kenney Boone did nothing when she complained about the harassment and says she was later passed her up for a promotion because of her complaints.

A press release issued by the sheriff’s office’s legal counsel states: “This matter has been thoroughly investigated by the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission and the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission with the full and complete cooperation of the Sheriff’s Office, and no violations of the Human Affairs Law were found.”


Fight over dentures sends lovers to jail

BAMBERG, S.C. â€“A woman and her boyfriend ended up in jail after the two were involved in an altercation over the man’s partial dentures.
Accoding to reports, Bamberg Police responding to a domestic dispute call found a mattress in the front yard and the two apparently under the influence of alcohol. The man had a cut on the side of his face, the report states.
The man told police the woman had taken his partial and would not give it back. The woman, in turn, told police that the man had scared her when he broke her phone. Authorities were unable to tell who was the aggressor in the incident and took both the man and the woman to jail.

Unruly student hits teacher with pipe

An Orangeburg area elementary school student was taken into custody after he allegedly struck a teacher with a length of pipe.
Orangeburg Dept. of Public Safety Capt. Thad Turner told the Orangeburg Times and Democrat that the teacher, Robert Wilkinson, had broken up two juveniles involved in a fight. One of the juveniles later returned and struck Wilkinson with a pipe, causing a laceration that required several stitches to close, according to the report.

Police are still investigating.

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  1. That kid should be thrown in jail for a long time.
    It is now dangerous to be a teacher.
    This should not be tolerated.

    It is bad enough that our legislators don't support educators, it is no wonder that our children are now showing the same lack of respect.

    Invest in education and these thugs will go away.