Friday, March 26, 2010

Sweet Vans “Aint Got Time”

By Shelby Sachs
Sweet Vans, a Columbia-based satirical rap group, has made it pretty clear that they don’t have time to play games with their latest EP “I Ain’t Got Time,” slated to be released on April 2. Fronted by MC B-Money and MC Ginger Snap, they are planning to, once again, pack out New Brookland Tavern with their nifty rhymes and sick beats.
With their fourth upcoming EP release through Srsly? Records, the two seem to have this whole music thing down pat, as if they know exactly what Columbia wants and how to dish it out. Yet, with this latest release, they are looking to reinvent their sound.
“This EP is more thoughtful and definitely more aggressive,” says MC B-Money. “We kept the ridiculous spontaneity though.”
According to MC Ginger Snap, “there's definitely a lot more into the instrumentation and development of the characters… it’s [more] theatrical.”
“I Ain’t Got Time” includes seven original crunk songs, featuring guest spots by local artists, Erich Skelton, Terrence Richard, 5Dollaz, John Thomy, E-Wheezy, and Katie Fresh. This is one of the first EP’s for Sweet Vans that include so many of their friends.
“It made our songs a lot more interesting and diverse. People get tired of our voices after a while,” said MC B-Money. “We knew a lot of talent, so we figured we might as well access our resources. I mean 5Dollaz? That man got crazy flow.”
With song titles such as “Which One of Y’all Motherf*ckers Stole My Bike,” and personal group favorites, “Captain Crunk Diesel,” and “Swagga on Lock,” this is certain to be yet another release from Sweet Vans that is not going to disappoint. “I Ain’t Got Time,” which will be made available at the show, will only be $5; that’s like $0.71 a song!
The group says this show will be unlike any other Sweet Vans show and will be pretty extreme and energetic.
“No one will know what to expect… [it’s going to be] really fleshed out and ridiculous,” said MC B-Money. “We’re playing with a full band featuring Cameron Gardner (The Heist and the Accomplice), Heyward Sims (Death Becomes Even the Maiden), David Stringer (All Good Citizens, SceneSC), [and] Blake Arambula (This Machine is Me).”
The future seems pretty darn bright for this comical rap duo. Heck, they might even need two pairs of sunglasses at the rate they are going! Having been a group only since late 2008, they have accomplished so much in such a little amount of time that the possibilities for this group are endless. You can expect a new remix album in the near future called “You Got Time?” as well as a mix tape.
Doors for the show will open at 8 p.m. and will feature sets by Magnetic Flowers, Junior Astronomers, and Kev Kev.
For more information, check them out on Facebook or Myspace, or follow them on Twitter at   HYPERLINK "" t "_blank"

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