Thursday, December 24, 2009

Art Bar's The Nightmare After Christmas

December 26th

No Wasted Motion
DJ Evelfaery


Lets be honest, nothing says the Christmas season like industrial (someone was telling me the other day that all "industrial" bands that followed the demise of Industrial Records were technically "post-industrial" bands...please give me a fucking break)  I mean after all that cheery happy crap with Santa Claus and your family it's good to have a break.  This show provides that outlet.  The headliner Prognosis is a quality synth industrial band out of the ATL.  Think Covenant, Funker Vogt or even old FLA or Haujobb.  Plus, there are going to be some DJs so there is bound to be a darker dance party emerging.  And that is what makes this a more fun show to go to than if it was a metal show on the 26th.  It's dark but still danceable as opposed to just something you can bang your head to.  It's not like industrial bands roll into Cola on a weekly basis so please get out there and support the acts from this region.  Sadly, the last industrial show in Cola that jumps to mind for me was Sister Machine Gun and that was a while ago (I am sure I am missing some other shows but no one's perfect).

-Norbet Sykes

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