Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hip-Hop Review


by DJ Kingpin-Villain Of Vinyl

The Vocal Booth is still rolling strong, creeping up on two years. As we prepare for the holidays, the music keeps on pumping. 50 Cent is back another banger, Before I Self Destruct. Lil Boosie got four years locked in a “man-keeper” for probation violation. Rhianna spoke her first words about the domestic abuse fiasco on 20/20. And as expected, Chris Brown is having a hard time making a comeback.

Now let’s get to the review:

Fresh off the release of his critical acclaimed debut — and back just in time with a great stocking stuffer — Ryan Leslie has jumped back in the driver’s seat with his new album, Transition.

Filled with songs about love (“Guardian Angel,” “Sunday Night”), love lost (“You’re Not My Girl,” “Promise Not To Call”) and love yet to come (“All My Love,” “Is It Real Love”), Transition is the perfect addition for the lover in all of us. Coming in 14 songs deep and just under 50 minutes, Ryan Leslie has crafted a jewel — with warm, inviting, powerful melodies reminiscent of Cameo, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and even Marvin Gaye. Production is definitely a strong suit for Ryan Leslie, but if there’s a drawback to Transition, I have to say it has too many songs with rhyming and no guest appearances other than Pusha T from The Clipse.

Transition was an album created by Ryan Leslie as a testament to the power of love and how quickly that testament can become turmoil. By all means, grab yourself a copy, grab your current love a copy, and be sure not to forget your ex. This will ensure he or she never forgets you.

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Words of Wisdom

Thanks for all the love and support. Have a safe, happy and family-filled holiday. Most important: Be sure to stay sucker-free!


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