Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Good Kind of Tailgatin



On August 21, the Columbia
Marionette Theatre hosts its third Friday night artistic gala of the summer.  The event is produced by local entertainment
company Pocket Productions.  Admission
for tickets to “Playing after Dark III:  Tailgate
IT Up” is only $5.  Doors open at 7 p.m.  All ticket proceeds go to the artists.

The gala includes seven visual
artists, including illustrators Sammy Lopez and Dre Lopez, painters Alex Coco
and Adam Drawdy, photographers Kirill Simin, and mixed media artists Cedric
Umoja and Joshua Beard.  


Live musical acts include
hip-hopper Preach Jacobs and acoustic musician Aaron Pelzek.  


The event also features a live
action puppet show by Robert LeHeup and a late-night film by Steve Daniels.


Despite the late starting time, the
show is being billed as an “all ages” family affair.  However, The Whig will be hosting a bar with
beer and wine, and evening games include ladder ball and bagz.  (Balls and bags, huh?  Maybe a babysitter is the best way to go for
couples with young children.)


We applaud Columbia Marionette
Theatre for adding a fun, artistic to brighten the Friday night art scene in
the coming months.  Check it out!  It costs less than a six-pack of Bud!


Playing after Dark III, Tailgate IT Up runs one
night only, Friday, August 21, starting at 7 p.m. at the Columbia Marionette
Theatre, which is located at 401 Laurel Street in downtown Columbia.  Tickets are $5.  Call Aaron Pelzek at 546.6822 ( or email him
at thekid234@hotmail ) for information. To learn more about this event, visit
or Facebook Group “Playing After Dark.”

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