Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear urban Serengeti,

The small flocks of drunks trudging through my neighborhood as a
shortcut to the store have increased ten-fold in recent months. At
first I hypothesized that a prevalence of two-for-one deals on
Thunderbird at the red dot accounted for the increased number this
season. Or it could be that area booze sources have dried up, thus
altering their regular migratory patterns. Yet, the elusive Crackhead,
usually solitary creatures, have been huddling together in large
broods, plotting in a general West-to-East trajectory along Rosewood
Drive. I now fear that global climate change could be the culprit and
that warmer temperatures are flushing these magnificent beasts out of
their normal winter habitats and into more populated urban areas where
they risk run-ins with the broader human population. Considering a
disturbance of that magnitude, only time will tell if the noble
Crackhead, along with species like the Ruby Throated Drunk will be able
to sustain reproductive numbers.
Columbia City Paper

Go see live music!

Live Music Dates :  Nov. 20- Dec. 3 

Punk rock and politics

Greg Slattery interviews Dennis Lyxzén

Lyxzen fronted the now broken-up Refused and still fronts The (International) Noise Conspiracy. 



Are Mexicans the new blacks?




I don�t know if someone has asked you this before, but with all the
talk of problems with illegal immigrants and with all the obvious
racial tension in this country between whites and Mexicans, do you
think that Mexicans are the new blacks of this country?

Division Street Dude

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The artists roundtable

By Judit Trunkos

Overwhelming Variety of Artworks from Jewelry to Paintings from Mixed Media to Sculptures

The Artists Round Table Members’ new exhibit starts together with the
celebrations of Vista Lights this year. This exhibit will also offer
the public and the artists an opportunity to interact with each other
and form new connections. Among the participating artists are: Brenda
Schwarz Miller, Keith Tolen, Jamie Blackburn, JJ Casey, Sandra Carr,
Sam Compton, Ann Kinsinger, Tam Hick and Steve Hewitt but there will be
many more artists’ works to see.

Black is in!

Peace and blessings!!!  Hope this reaches all of you out there in
great spirits.  This was supposed to be another DJ edition, but due
some miscommunication and a family emergency, our special guest was not
able to get their responses to me in time.  No sweat though…I’m still
riding the wave baby!!!!  Many congratulations to Barack (Michelle)
Obama, whom I am proud to call my President.  Time to paint 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue a thick coat of Black….Get your Krylon, Valspar,
Dutch Boy, and Behr ready!!!  Let’s get to it!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dear new office guard dog,

 Since we’ve decided to move the City Paper offices from our humble Five Points roots to a more swanky locale downtown, you and the high-powered alarm system are our only line of defense against crackheads looking to score a Mac or scorned nut jobs seeking to burn us at the stake.

Music Calendar

Local live music calendar for Nov 6- Nov 19th.

What is with clam juice?

mex  Dear Mexican: I know you�ve been asked variations of this before, but I�m going to ask you again anyway. I�m a gay white guy, and I�ve had three relationships with Mexican men in the past seven years. Each lasted from three to six months. This past relationship actually lasted a year and culminated with us moving in together for a month before it ended badly. Mexican: I�ve never been treated worse than by the Mexicans I�ve dated�and yet I�ve also never been happier.

In Your Deck


Peace and blessings! Hope this reaches all of you out there in great spirits. The coming of fall & winter always ups the ante when it comes to music. So many artists line up to drop the material that they’ve been working hard on all year long. Fourth quarter music release dates usually include plenty of heavyweights and Hip Hop is no different. Already in your deck should be T.I., Jennifer Hudson, Young Jeezy, & Raphael Saadiq. Hope you are saving your pennies because this should be a pretty expensive music buying season. Let’s get to it!

Reactive Drawings

McMasters Gallery is famous for exhibiting unusual and fascinating pieces of art. Their current show, “Open Gestures: (Re) Active Drawings” by Sara Schneckloth is no exception, as viewers can literally change the exhibited works using magnifiers, magnets or other tools and become part of the art.