Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Events this weekend

Events this weekend...July 25th

Lesson from the Front

solider723.jpg                     State legislator says service in Afghanistan inspired push for change at home

Warped Tour: Still worth it

music723.jpg  Warped Tour has hit parking lots, fields and large venues across America

Hellboy, Dark Knight and Gotham Knights reviews




The year of comic-book based films.

A.R.T. exhibits local talent

  The Artists Round Table (A.R.T.) presents the Members Exhibit at the Gallery at DuPRE through August 21

Pro Tennis in Lexington


Four professional tennis players were invited to play an exhibition doubles match at the Lexington County Tennis Complex.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

S.C. journalist dies

Christopher Howard McCarter

From Obit : 
�Christopher Howard McCarter died Sunday, June 1, 2008, at his residence.
Chris was an avid cyclist and a dedicated journalist. He graduated from
the University of Georgia and began his journalism career at the
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer in Columbus, GA and lived and worked as a
financial journalist in Washington, DC for 20 years. He received
numerous awards for outstanding journalism. He was a business reporter
for the Greenville News for 2 years and later volunteered his talents
to alternative newspapers in SC.�


McCarter was Senior Writer in Greenville for the Metro Beat which closed earlier this year.  McCarter was to be named Editor of a Greenville City Paper venture which is on hold indefinitely.

Articles by McCarter written in 2006 for Columbia City Paper:

 Our thoughts and prayers go out to the McCarter family. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dear France,

Dear France,; As we wind down from our own Independence Day celebration, City Paper would
like to wish you all a happy Bastille Day. Each July 14, you celebrate
the day in 1789 when common folk took up arms to free political
prisoners and send a message to the monarchy, an action that sparked
the French Revolution and unfortunately led to many royals being
dragged from their homes and beheaded in the streets.
Certainly nothing like that would ever happen in the U.S. though.
You were suffering under extreme circumstances, like unending war that
left the country on the edge of bankruptcy; crippling national debt
despite high taxes; no localized trade or local economy due to French
industry being based overseas; and the conspicuous consumption of the
noble class, while the lower class suffered high unemployment and
rising food costs.
That’s, er, nothing like the U.S. today. 

    Columbia City Paper

Block Bangas

 The Artists Behind S.C. Hip-Hop

Sample Image    The Official Block Bangas (OBB) are a group of local individuals
working as one to promote South Carolina hip-hop with each member
providing his own unique insight and skill to help preserve the music
and culture they live and love.  We introduce you to the street team,
artists, DJs and producers with some questions and brief biographies

Burning Clay

nucs.jpgGroup urges conversation over proposed nuclear reactor in Jenkinsville

The drinking water running out of local taps comes from this lake. The
water is used for fishing and irrigating local gardens, too. Currently,
the lake also hosts a nuclear reactor owned and operated by South
Carolina Electric and Gas. The utility provider is pushing for two
additional reactors and local townsfolk aren’t sure they would welcome
these two new members to their community.

Oil Suckers

Sample Image
When it comes to the subject of drilling for oil off of the South
Carolina coast or any part of the East Coast, you�re being played for
suckers by politicians.  You should be offended by what they and the
media are doing.  If you�ve been led to believe that drilling for oil
is a solution to lower gas prices anytime soon, think again.

Back in business

 The ACLU has its work cut out for it

Sample Image    For at least a decade, the South Carolina affiliate of the ACLU had
been moribund and ineffective. Since April, it has been dead. That is
when the national organization took the unprecedented action of putting
the S.C. affiliate into receivership against the protests of its
statewide officers. Let me say here that I know some of those leaders
and I can understand why they were taken off the job.


Sample ImageWhen it comes to constitutional questions, however, we Americans like
to pick and choose our favorite parts of the Bill of Rights like items
from a Chinese menu: one from column A, another in column B.

Spinning Technology




Tim Smith, owner of Papa Jazz Records on Greene St., says his store is
not affected by the prevalence of online music and believes that many
of the people downloading online are teenagers and not of the college
age and older set that frequent his store.

CCP Picks

Friday July 11, 2008     

“The Visitor”
(plays thru July 17, 2008)     
Times: Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday 6 and 8:15 pm; Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday 3, 6 and 8:15 pm
Location:  Nickelodeon Theatre
Phone:  (803)254-8234
Admission:  Adults $6.50; Students & Seniors $5:50; Members $4.50

Columbia Blowfish

Times: 7:05 pm
Location:  Capital City Stadium
Phone:  (803)254-FISH
Admission:  Adults $5; Children $4

Family Fun Night at Columbia Museum of Art     
Times: 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Phone:  (803)343-2163
Film - In Open Air: A Portrait of American Impressionists Times: 1 pm
Phone:  (803)799-2810

Music at Sandhill     
Times: 6 - 8 pm
Phone:  (803)419-0235
Admission:  Free
Treadmill Trackstar

Marcelo Novo



City Paper sat down with artist Marcelo Novo to ask him about his recent trip to Argentina and his plans for this year.

Ladder Golf



Who was the first human to look at a wide, pristine expanse of grass
and think “This looks like a good spot for a game?” The answer is lost
to time, but modern Americans definitely owe a debt of gratitude to
that long-forgotten ancestor. He or she was the unwitting inventor of
the yard game, the ultimate summer pastime.
So what elevates a simple game to the level of “great American yard game?”