Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time To Fight


“A Time to Fight: Reclaiming a Fair and Just America”
by Jim Webb
(Broadway Books, $24.95)

Reviewed by Larry Cox
U.S. Senator Jim Webb wrote his book without a ghostwriter, and because of that it reflects the same candor and honesty that attracted voters during his 2006 Senate race in Virginia, one of the dirtiest national campaigns ever. Throughout that bitter campaign against Republican incumbent George Allen, Webb wore the combat boots of his son, a Marine deployed in Iraq.
His book is especially relevant this summer, since it has been reported that Webb is on Barack Obama’s short list of potential vice-presidential running mates.
In his book, Webb pulls no punches as he delivers a hard-hitting, impassioned and deeply personal manifesto in which he tackles the most complex foreign and domestic issues facing America today. Webb fought with distinction in Vietnam and later served as Secretary of the Navy under President Reagan.
According to Webb, one of the most important issues facing our country is the growing calcification along class lines, fueled by an ever-widening gap between the very rich and the middle class. He points out that in 1968 when he graduated from college, the average corporate CEO made 20 times the salary of his average worker. Today that multiple is more than 400.
Put another way, Webb claims that the average corporate executive officer today makes more in a day than his or her workers do in a year. This vastly increased disparity is not simply a by-product of globalization, but rather business leaders who are consumed by greed.
Webb believes that the government should begin tending to the needs of its people and not just those of the super rich. His book builds a convincing case that the time is ripe for change as he puts forth his vision for the economy, foreign affairs and, most importantly, the broader political dynamic.

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