Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slogan Contest




Dear City of Columbia,
We shudder to think how much accommodations tax revenue you’re paying ADCO to come up with a new city slogan. Let’s just try to do a little bit better than our neighbors in Newberry who went with “A Place to Work, A Place to Live.” For the record, we have a few we’d like to suggest.

“Columbia: Home of the giant, flying cockroach”
“A Capitol Place to Be Homeless”
“At least it’s not Buffalo”
“The Geographic Center of Americas Nuclear Landfill”
“Where Hootie’s From”
“Uneducated, Well Armed”
“Beware of Our Gamecocks! ...No, seriously, beware.”
“NAMBLA-free since 1978”

Columbia City Paper

Add your slogan with a contact e-mail for a chance to win free swag including "I Hate City Paper" stickers, tees and more. Dinner for two to Copper River Grill and other prizes will be awarded for the best slogan to be announced in an upcoming issue of City Paper. Vote on comments by clicking "green thumbs up" or "red thumbs down icon." There will be a readers choice winner based on your votes. (If you receive an "request failed" error in your browser when leaving a comment, please refresh page don't re-submit as your comments have been received despite the error message. This started when we added voting and are working on the issue.)

Special thanks to the Post and Courier for suggesting slogans for Columbia as early as 2003 and to the cave man that created the first contest by pissing further than the guy to the far right of him. (Also Joe Azar who suggested this contest in late May and included it in his e-newsletter)


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