Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Horse The Band


When you think of a world tour, you think of a band hitting Europe,
Canada and maybe Japan. A few months ago, Horse the Band set out on the
first seriously legitimate world tour I have ever heard of, even
hitting Kuala Lumpur, China and Macedonia. I didn�t even know Macedonia
was actually a country. In any case, Horse' --in Dornbirn, Austria at
press time-- took some time out of their very busy Earth Tour to answer
some of our questions.

CCP: Tell me about the world tour you guys are on. How's the response been? Where has it been strong? Where has it been weak?

HtB: Its been a long, strange trip and it's only one-third over. Our best shows have been Kuala Lumpur, Frankfurt and Hong Kong. All amazing. Worst shows have been Wuhan, China and Bologna, Italy. Overall it's been awesome.
CCP: And the best show overall?
HtB: There are various factors to determine that. Frankfurt had the best crowd, so I'm going to give it to them. We also had a ten-year-old girl named Payson on stage singing "Cutsman" so that was a bonus. We have several more shows coming up in Germany so we'll see.

CCP: Have you had any issues with traveling internationally?
HtB: Israeli customs in fucking crazy. They pull you out of line and make you tell them your life story. It's fucking nerve wracking when you don't have the visas to be playing a show. Did I mention it's harder getting out than in?

CCP: How was "Murder" received, both by critics and by fans?
HtB: Pretty good, as far as I know. The lyrics are intentionally intense, but I just made white people the victims of the song because I personally am white so hopefully no psychos are offended.  Erik wrote the song and said, "This song is called 'Murder,'" so I based it off a character in Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry who is an outcast of his tribe who kills almost everyone he comes in contact with. Especially the white folks on the high plains.

CCP: What's your favorite song to play live?
HtB: Probably "Black Hole." It's so intense.

CCP: Do you get tired of playing Cutsman?
HtB: Yes and no. We've played it at every show since 2002 and sometimes it's just not as intense as it could be. Plus, it started the trend for everyone to think I only sang about Nintendo, so that was discouraging. But it's still a fun song. I think it just might need a small break.

CCP: What critical life lessons have you learned on your foreign sojourn?
HtB: Sleep is only a commodity and not that important.

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