Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rising Down

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Whattup!  May just hit and the streets are definitely buzzing with the fact that it’s going to be a hot, busy, and product-filled summer.  Don’t believe me? Check out the event section below.  Much love to all of y’all out there. Be sure to come out to New Brookland Tavern (May 8th) for Fat Rat Da Czar’s Da Cold War CD Release Party.   Let’s get it! 


The Best of Scarface—From “Neva seen a man cry” and “Jesse James” to

“Minds Playing Tricks” and “F*ck Faces”, nothing else needs to be in my deck.  Scarface is Southern royalty and one of the greatest storytellers in Hip Hop history.  Respect the Architects!


Back with their second album on Def Jam Records and their tenth studio album, Rising Down, The Legendary Roots Crew keep coming with that flavor.  With ‘Get Busy’ featuring Dice Raw & Peedi Crack being the first track out the gate, it’s no surprise that the rest of this album is drum heavy with a crazy nostalgic feel. Lyrically, Black Thought continues to rap circles around any of his contemporaries (Mos Def, Talib, and Common included) and constantly separates himself from the status quo. “Rising Down” is the perfect complement to a career in hip-hop that spans close to two decades. 

If you peeped last issues’ interview with Fat Rat Da Czar, you’d know that he has a new joint out in the streets right now called Da Cold War.   You’d also know that this joint is scattered, smothered, diced, chopped, and covered by the homey DJ Shekeese.  You’d be remiss not to recognize that Street Side (Met Money, Heazy Boi, Midi Marc, and Misfit) came out with their guns blazing.  In your local record stores (Shouts to Papa Jazz Record Shoppe, an old stomping ground of mine) and online everywhere— To be straight up, this joint is BANGIN!  With joints like ‘Straight to the Point’, ‘Get it Together’, ‘Back on my Sh*t’, and ‘Dollar To Be Made’ dubbed by DJ Bam (Fantasy Island) as ‘this summer’s anthem’,  you’d be hard pressed not to love this CD.  Of course the classics like, ‘Can’t Live Without You’ and the debut single, ‘Like A Fat Rat’ are both on there.  Go Cop It!



    Here ya go...

1) Rhythm On The River Concert Series (Saturdays on the West Columbia River Walk

2) Metro May Fest (May 10 Bluff Road Armory) 

3) Rap Battle @ Club Rockaway (Mondays)

4) Eastover May Fest After Party (May 3 Santerro Sports Bar)

 5) Official Fridays @ Badaboom (Santee, SC) 

6) Teazzers Hair Salon Grand Opening 

7) Spring Fest 2008 (May 3 Orangeburg Fairgrounds)

8) HoodRich Party (May 5 Club Rockaway) 

9) All You Can Drink Party (May 17 Bluff Road Armory-Shouts to DJ Tall Black) 

10) Tent Party Car Show (May 2-4 @ US 1 Flea Market) 

11) PayBack Saturdays @ Billy D’s- Shouts to DJ Geechee Boy 

12) Official Car and Bike Show (May 18 Bluff Road Armory)….That’s enough for now, get out there and do something.  



God loves those who give love to others.  Help someone in need when you can.  Stay Up! 

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