Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hip Hop events

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Whattup! Much love to everyone who came out to the New Brookland Tavern (May 8) for Fat Rat Da Czar’s Da Cold War CD Release Party. Plenty of party people came out to rock with the homey. Much love to DJ ETC. who killed it on the 1’s and 2’s. Make sure you catch him out at Hush (May 19) for another round of Mix & Mingle Monday’s—Big Up’s to Venom, her Vixens, and The Urban Rundown. Let’s get it!


1    <i>The Best of Scarface</i> (Scarface) Have not been able to take this out of the car. Banger!
2    <i>When Disaster Strikes</i>  (Busta Rhymes) This album shows Busta at his lyrical best.
3    <i>II Trill</i>  (Bun B) I got the advance copy of this one…OH MY GOD!
4    <i>Rising Down</i>  (The Roots) Drum crazy beats and lyric heavy rhymes, Banger! “Rising Up,” featuring Chrisette Michele & Wale, has my vote for song of the year. Keep that hip-hop pumping!


Britain born, but American cultured, Estelle has probably dropped the R& B diamond in the rough of 2008.  Her debut American album, <i>Shine</i> (HomeSchool/Atlantic), comes in at 12 songs deep and is heavily influenced by the gone but not forgotten Ms. Hill.  With songs like “No Substitute Love,” “Wait A Minute,” and “Listen Up,” Estelle possesses these tracks like she was also born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. 
Production wise, Wyclef, John Legend, Swizz Beats, and Kanye all provide sound beds for her to do her thing.  Now I’ll be straight up when it comes to the rhyming, Estelle definitely is not L-Boogie and the fact that she does rhyme on a few too many cuts dulls the luster of how dope this record actually is.  Although rhyming is not her forte, she definitely got some flava from Toronto’s own Kardinal Offishal on the track “Magnificent.”  <i>Shine</i> comes across as record filled with the hope and joy that love brings.  Being the debut release from any record label can always be a double edge sword.  Simply put, it could flourish or flounder; Estelle’s <i>Shine</i> will flourish, but only after earning the necessary distinction of surviving the others that have floundered.  Great record to put it in your collection.

Here ya go…
1) Rhythm On The River Concert Series (Saturdays on the West Columbia River Walk)  2) Jokes, Jazz, and Poetry Nites (Thursdays) @ Club Elements 
3) Rap Battle @ Club Rockaway (Mondays)
4) Top Model Thursdays @ Club Fusion starting May 15
5) Official Fridays @ Badaboom (Santee, SC) 
 6) Myrtle Beach Memorial Day Weekend (Plies/Shawty Lo performing) May 23 & 24  7) All You Can Drink Party (May 17 Bluff Road Armory-Shouts to DJ Tall Black)   
8) PayBack Saturdays @ Billy D’s- Shouts to DJ Geechee Boy 
9) Official Car and Bike Show (May 18 Bluff Road Armory)…
That’s enough for now, get out there and do something… 
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Stay Up!!!



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