Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Boys having fun

Every Friday from May 2 through May 16, the younger artists in Columbia’s scene will exhibit their work at HOFP.  The fresh styles, colors and often graffiti-like compositions at HOFP’s current exhibition seem to scream at viewers and demand attention. The opening triple exhibit features wooden masks created by Jemes Davis and abstract paintings by Brian Heckman and Nick Oleszczuk.
The second group, starting on May 9, will showcase work by Justice Littlejohn and Michael Krajewski. The duo not only work together but also decided to dedicate a whole week to present their collaborative paintings.
“To work with Justice comes natural,” Krajewski says. “We have been working together for over 2 years now.” 
The final show, opening on May 16, is Krajewski’s solo exhibition in which he will present mixed media works.
“With my works I like to explore new things, to paint freestyle and just go at it,” he says.
Krajewski’s second show will include a video installation he completed with Shawna Brown, a videographer from USC. “I do not just want something on the wall, but I want my art to operate when I am not there,” explains Krajewski. “The video is about my life when I am not painting, just documenting my every days when I am drinking or having fun.”

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