Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Vocal Booth

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Whattup! March is coming to a close and I must say it has been a busy one. Shouts to Hush (Gervais St. in the Vista), Urban Rundown, The Official Block Bangaz for another successful Mix & Mingle Mondays. Shouts out to Zuri Wilson & the whole Parallel Worlds/Timeless Theatre crew for two successful events this month (March 25 at Club Elements & March 30 at Pure Ultra Lounge respectively). Keep Focused. Let’s get to it!


Erykah Badu- New Amerykah (Universal) Definitely for the thinker in all of us.
Snoop Dogg- Ego Tripping (Doggystyle/Geffen) Nine Solo Albums Deep and counting!
Pete Rock- NY’s Finest (Nature Sounds) Chocolate Boy Wonder bringing that ‘Wonderful’
G-Unit –Elephant In The Sand Mixed by DJ Whooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiid (whoo kid). How are y’all hating on the ‘Unit’, they be on their job. BANGER!
Janet Jackson- Discipline (Island/Def Jam/Universal) Definitely a vibrant album. Go support!


Since last issue a lot of dope music has dropped, but a lot more wack music has seemed to bubble to the surface. Whether you bought, downloaded, borrowed, copied, or outright stole the following joints, you should be ashamed of yourself. Rocko-Self Made (So So Def), Fat Joe- Elephant In The Room (Terror Squad), and Shawty Lo- Units In The City (Asylum) can all be summed up in 1 word….HORRIBLE! From poor album titles, weak production, weak topics & concepts, weak & predictable flows (rhyme patterns), and some of the most disappointing lyrics ever put to disc, these are definitely a waste of time and money. Fat Joe will probably be the 1 out of the 3 above to even be able drop something in the future, but I can guarantee it won’t be as wack as this joint.
Definitely on his A-game though is Rick Ross. Having a surprisingly listenable album, Trilla (Def Jam) is welcomed step up from his debut ‘Port Of The City’. Production is handled mainly by the JUSTICE LEAGUE, The Runners, & JR Rotem (Beluga Heights), and does well to set the table to endure some rather played lyrical content. With way too many references to his $, Weed, and Title (BOSS), this is where Trilla slips. ‘Money Make Me Cum’, ‘Only Human’, ‘Khaled Interlude’ and few more definitely deserve to be fast forwarded, but overall this is a solid album.


Be sure to go check out Gucci Mane, Sharina Hudson, and the whole family performing live at CLUB LEVEL (1800 Blanding St, Downtown) on Sunday March 30, 2008. Doors at 9 p.m. Tickets sold at the door. Also going down, Friday March 28, at the National Guard Amory (Bluff Road), make sure you support my peoples, SURESHOTT RECORDS & Quantum Recording Studio for the ‘We Got Now Tour’. Featuring performances by ANON, Mr. Prez, ‘Mr. Presidential’ MAC-A-DON, Snook, Boss G, Gem Star, DJ BLAZE, and many more. This joint is hosted by my girl NEEK of Hot 103.9fm and sure to be banging. For More Info call 803.261.7356.


In the immortal words of Robert Greene (Author of The 48 Laws of Power), ‘The worst fate in the world for a man who yearns fame, glory, and, of course, power is to be ignored’. Simply put, MAKE SURE THE WORLD KNOWS YOU EXIST! Check my new podcast when you get a chance (new postings uploaded weekly)




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