Sunday, April 13, 2008


On Friday morning April 11, the popular site The Drudge Report linked to a City Paper story on a Wal-Mart employee throwing chickens at customers in Anderson county. The off beat news items in our regional briefs compiled by Todd Morehead received so much attention that the number of web hits crashed our server at the hosting company

Regrettably, Aplus was unable to resolve the issue until today April 13th.

During the downtime our own web administrator has developed an instant back up system to better serve our world wide presence and local Columbia, S.C. traffic which was surveyed by Media Audit in June of 2007 as the most used web site of all publications and radio stations in Columbia with the exception of the daily.

Hopefully The Drudge Report will give us another chance in the future as we have eliminated the likelyhood of our site being a dead link.

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