Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Love of the guitar

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Jeremy Carter’s imminent goal in life is to become a signature custom guitar maker. Carter has been building electric guitars since he was 14.

The Columbia native has studied music, art, and guitar building, and received a Bachelor’s degree, majoring in sound and multimedia. The young musician also had the advantage of being surrounded by his grandparents’ woodshops, where he learned the basics of woodcarving and where the seeds of building guitars were planted.
“Design and creation are the catalysts which drive my work. Ultimately, the performance of the instrument is most important,” he says. With this motto in mind, Carter started his own business to focus on the production of the highest quality guitars. CCI Mediums specializes in handmade instruments and sound design with an artistic twist, which makes his guitars decorative and unique to his shop.
Columbia City Paper: What made you create your first guitar?
Jeremy Carter: As a musician I wanted to have a custom made instrument, and since those were very expensive, I decided to create my own.
CCP: How do your instruments differ from others on the market?
Carter: I use quality solid hardwood and carve everything from scratch. Most instruments are made of less hardwood and are covered with paint to hide the material beneath.
CCP: What is your specialty?
Carter: My specialty is to create concept instruments, guitars that are created with a theme in mind. I can use the wood the customer wants, shape and neck they desire and I would definitely not hide the quality wood by covering it up with paint.
CCP: What is your goal with this business?
Carter: I want to create a high-end custom shop for music lovers who want their instruments to not only produce an excellent sound but also to look outstanding.
CCP: What are you most a worried about with respect to your work?
Carter: I don’t want my guitars to become only decorations. They are instruments first, and they should be with musicians or with people who enjoy playing them. They should not, by any means, become decorations at someone’s house.
CCP: You recently sold a guitar on E-bay. Why have you decided to put it up for sale online?
Carter: I like the idea that random people can find my work and purchase it. Those people are most likely to be very enthusiastic about playing and using my instrument.
Jeremy Carter is currently participating in Painted Violins 2008, a fundraiser for the S.C. Philharmonic in which Carter and other 37 artists each will transform an instrument into their own art. Not surprisingly, Carter chose to transform his violin into a guitar. His instrument, “Electric Violin & Electric Amp” can be seen until April 1 at the window of a vacant office building at the corner of Gervais and Park Streets, after which time, together with the other 37 instruments, it will be taken to City Art for the auction held on April 3. Carter will also participate in this year’s Verner/Governor’s Art Sale on April 17, and in this years Open Studios in May, where he will open his shop for anyone who would like to see him prepare his unique guitars.

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