Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Regional News Briefs

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Lot Lizards Rejoice

The Good Fight


Protecting Children from Sex Offenders

But who will protect them from the General Assembly?

McCain's Spiritual Guide:

Dowload entire archived issue as a pdf by clicking cover picture above


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Destroy Islam

Senator John McCain hailed as a spiritual adviser an Ohio megachurch pastor who has called upon Christians to wage a “war” against the “false religion” of Islam with the aim of destroying it.

Letters To The Reader

Dear stray cat,

Sure, my girlfriend fed you once, but that doesn’t give you license to shit in my recycling bin and leave dead lizards at my doorstep. You’ve got to earn my tolerance for behavior like that, dude. So, either man up and suffer my clumsy attempts to pet you or shove off for the supermarket dumpster.

Columbia City Paper  

News Briefs


City denies access to public documents on 5 Pts. garage

Before President Bush’s state of the union addresses, I used to write the words “terror” and “freedom” on a log sheet and put little checks next to them every time he said one. Standing in the back of city hall on March 19, with Doug Quackenbush, city planners, and the Five Points Association slated to speak at a Five Points zoning hearing, I wrote the words “funky” and “eclectic” in my notebook and made sure my pen had plenty of ink left. Instead, there was a different term that kept popping up: “new urbanism.”

Post Bail & Stay In Jail

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City jails to improve flawed bond system

“I know it happens,” Austin told Columbia City Council on March 19, “because I’ve had to intervene in the past"

A Dull Ache

This here is the story of a man, a powerful man who run the whole dang country for a while, then, not too long ago, he jus’ up and disappeared; his name was Deadeye Dick Cheney.

Statehouse Report

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Sluggish economy to be around for awhile


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Dem Wimp Throws His Truth-Telling Preacher Under the Bus


Crimes By Zip Code

We’d love to correlate random isolated incidents of people going ape shit in the streets with the growing paranoia of an economic downturn and rapid rate of home foreclosures across a frightened American middleclass landscape, but unfortunately sometimes it’s probably just a case of too much crack cocaine...

Jethro Tull

Must Be Stopped

Diary Of The Dead

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Every now and then, an artist comes along whose work creates an entire sub-category within a genre. J.R.R. Tolkien did it in fantasy, Hendrix did it in rock, and George A. Romero did it in the realm of horror storytelling. His independent, ultra-low-budget masterpiece Night of the Living Dead single handedly created the zombie movie genre as we know it. Besides just being a great scary movie, Romero's debut makes for some very unflattering commentary on the society of the time. The sequels Dawn-, Day-, and Land of the Dead, all do likewise, with varying degrees of success.


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Live music dates for Friday, March 28th - April 9th.

Bands can add their own dates to our on-line calendar here

Love of the guitar

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Jeremy Carter’s imminent goal in life is to become a signature custom guitar maker. Carter has been building electric guitars since he was 14.


"Naked in the Woods: Joseph Knowles and the Legacy of Frontier Fakery"
by Jim Motavalli (Da Capo, $26.95)

Review by Larry Cox




Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bread & Roses


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By Jennifer Lynne Ziemann


“Vera understands that sadistic violence not only shatters but actually unmakes the world of the survivors.” I read this line in a book review written for Dissent magazine by Susie Linfield titled “The Bleeding Wound: Zimbabwe’s Slow Suicide.” The Vera she refers to is Yvonne Vera and the book The Stone Virgins.


During the night and day after reading it, I kept returning to the magazine to this page and this sentence, “…sadistic violence not only shatters but actually unmakes the world of the survivors.” I’ll go one step further : it not only unmakes the world of the survivor, it unmakes the survivor.


Homeless World Cup

Ambassador for the Homeless World Cup and Manchester United soccer legend Eric Cantona shows off skills in Copenhagen at the 2007 cup. One of the premier homeless soccer programs is currently based in Charlotte, N.C.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Santee Cooper's Fear Tactics

Santee Cooper plays scary media hardball

Santee Cooper has spent about $150,000 this year on a slick media campaign that critics say used negative political-style messaging to build support for a new coal-fired power plant.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

St. Pat's Local Music Preview

Click read more below the green ad to preview of just a few of the bands on the City Paper Stage at China Garden.

We expect the mainstream media to cover the only all local music stage about as well as the report on things like the St. Patty's Day commissions, so we figured we would give a heads up on a few of the bands. Perhaps some of the local talent will utilize the mp3 upload feature and you can listen in advance too... -Paul Blake


Movie Review

Jack Black does it again in Be Kind, Rewind

Lincoln Owned Slaves?

Two Book Reviews:


"Did Lincoln Own Slaves and Other Frequently Asked Questions about Abraham Lincoln"
by Gerald J. Prokopowicz


Dead of Night
By J.D. Robb, Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langan and Mary Kay McComas


Five years after the Republicans got us into war against Iraq, Democrats want to double down on a war that's even more unjustifiable and unwinnable--the one against Afghanistan.

Regional Briefs

Disabilities director nabbed in sex sting and other news from around the state

News Briefs

Columbia City Council
passes gay rights ordinance




National environmental group opposes nuclear reactors in S.C.

What is next for Trenholm Plaza?

Developer tight-lipped over Forest Acres project

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Steve Pinnell receives a haircut from Bobby McBee on Friday afternoon at Bobby’s Barber Shop in Trenholm Plaza. Store owners have been left to speculate on the future of their businesses amidst rumors that plaza owners may have plans for redevelopment. 

Fair Trade

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Misty Clare opened a fair trade shop called The Middle Way on State St. in West Columbia last September. She was attracted to fair trade, she says, for a number of reasons, not least of which was the movement’s dedication to women’s rights.


Dear 8675309,

Baseball's Jock Strap Scandal & 24/7 around the .... coverage

That old time religion

The Christian mindset in South Carolina that leads us to fear and irrational thought...

Soundboard for March

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Live Music Thru March 27...