Thursday, June 28, 2012

WIN, lose or draw

The session ends tomorrow with the approval of the budget.  Conservation Voters of South Carolina has won some, lost some and is already preparing for the next session. With your help, we educate and advocate to protect South Carolina’s land, air and water. The State House can be complicated and confusing.  Our job is to tell you what you need to know.  We are sending you three “wrap-up” emails to give you a snap shot of the hands we were dealt.  Thanks for helping us get these winning results that make a difference for the South Carolina you love.

 The WINS:

We secured the life of the Conservation Bank for five more years and celebrated the restoration of the Bank’s full funding for the first time since 2008- an estimated $9 million.

We pushed important protections for water across the finish line: banning phosphorus, reducing chronic sewage pollution and clearing the way for necessary water withdrawal fees to be collected.

We settled questions about the Pollution Control Act with a compromise with industry and developers that salvages a process for citizens to protect themselves from pollution, establishes a Wetlands Study Committee and protects existing lawsuits such as the one contesting the Savannah River deepening.

 Please take the time to thank legislators for the work they do to keep the South Carolina we love clean and healthy. Click ACT NOW below to send a quick thank you message to your own legislator or to specific ones cited in the complete Hotlist Wrap-Up.

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