Wednesday, January 18, 2012

6.5 million spent in S.C. by PACs to influence your vote

By Al Shaw and Kim Barker, ProPublica

Two federal court rulings in 2010 paved the way for the ascent of “super PACs,” political action committees that can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money on political races, as long as they don’t coordinate with a specific candidate. And so far, they’re spending heavily on the Republican race. This app, part of our long-term investigation into "dark money," keeps track of where super PACs are spending their cash to influence the presidential race.

Top Spenders in S.C.

CommitteeAmount Spent

Winning Our Future$2,752,908

OPPOSING    Mitt Romney$2,752,908 (100%)

Restore Our Future, Inc.$1,992,186

OPPOSING    Newt Gingrich$1,681,617 (84%)
OPPOSING    Richard J. Santorum$209,032 (10%)
SUPPORTING    Mitt Romney$101,537 (5%)

Red White And Blue Fund$950,842

SUPPORTING    Richard J. Santorum$950,842 (100%)

Citizens for a Working America PAC$455,000

SUPPORTING    Mitt Romney$455,000 (100%)

Santa Rita SuperPAC$317,541

SUPPORTING    Ron Paul$317,541 (100%)

Priorities USA Action$96,555

OPPOSING    Mitt Romney$96,555 (100%)

Revolution PAC$39,406

SUPPORTING    Ron Paul$39,406 (100%)

Americans For a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Inc.$36,600

SUPPORTING    Herman Cain$15,000 (41%)
OPPOSING    Mitt Romney$21,600 (59%)

Strong America Now Super PAC$14,200

SUPPORTING    Newt Gingrich$14,200 (100%)

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  1. What is the problem with conservatives in SC that they would give a supposedly Christian man a standing ovation for openly admitting he's a serial adulterer? What is wrong with you people down there?