Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mr. Meaner's crime watch

29206: If you see anyone with a blue and white motorcycle that has a USC parking decal on the rear fender, they may be riding a hot bike. As in, stolen. A woman reported one worth $4000 missing from the front of her house on June 1. Brennen Road

29205: A woman confronted her husband for staying out all night, but instead of apologizing to her, he decided to punch her in the mouth. He was found later by police and it turned out that there was a warrant out for his arrest in another county. A criminal and a wife beater? Ladies, I think we’ve found the next Bachelor! (6/2/2011) 1004 Pine St 29205

29203: Police happened upon several suspicious subjects loitering and engaging in an apparent drug deal. When police approached, the subjects fled. And when the police yelled, “Stop this is the police,” they didn’t stop. Were the police really expecting them to? One young fellow was detained and arrested for loitering and failure to stop on police command. CPD protects our freedoms! (6/2/2011) 1100 Dorrah Street 29203

29203: A woman complained to police after someone entered her home through a rear bedroom window. The house was ransacked and the burglar made off with a stereo system worth $75, three DVD players worth a total of $145, one set of pots and pans and dinnerware valued at $150, and assorted canned goods and meats valued at $526. We think you should reevaluate your life when the most valuable possessions in your house are canned goods. (5/5/2011) 1802 Bailey Street

29203: An officer found a 30-year-old man sleeping in an unoccupied apartment in the Ames Manor Apartment complex. Apparently, he was sleeping there to get away from his roommate after they had a fight. He had also damaged a light fixture in the building because he was so upset. So, if anyone is looking for a new roommate who may be emotionally disturbed, you know where to look. (6/2/2011) 5779 Ames Rd Apt 7-A 29203

29203: A woman told police that her neighbor called “Nay Nay” arrived at her home intoxicated and started banging on the door and yelling to be let inside. When the woman understandably declined to open the door to her deranged neighbor, Nay Nay went to the back door and kicked it in. She returned to her own apartment and may still be on the loose. Hopefully, Nay Nay won’t strike again. (6/2/2011) 1403 Bailey Street 29203

29205: When a young woman met another girl on Facebook, she decided to split a trip to Miami with her. No surprise, the girl turned out to be a psycho, and when she started to act erratically, even stealing money from her companion, the woman decided to cut her losses and leave early. The girl started texting and calling her, saying she had put a “hit” on her and her family. The girl’s boyfriend, Lamar, who is apparently wanted for murder, called her as well and threatened to kill her. Maybe she should stay off of Facebook for a while.(06/01/2011) Woodrow St 29205

29203: A patrol officer found a man in dark clothing lurking around the area of a recent burglary. He asked the man if he had any weapons or illegal items on his person, and the man admitted to having one bag of marijuana. Well, at least he’s honest.

Probable cause now includes “dark clothing” in the Columbia, S.C. legal system. (6/1/2011) 5901 Fairfield Road 29203

29204: A woman was fighting with her intoxicated husband when he took the keys to her rental car and drove away without her permission. When will he learn not to walk away from her when she’s talking to him?! (06/2/2011) 4309 Pine Forest Drive

29201: A police officer was advising the owner of a local Hookah lounge that the music was too loud when he found an 18-year-old blonde girl drinking liquor. The owner got a citation and the girl got a ride all the way to the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center. It looks like blondes really do have more fun! (6/1/2011) 919 Sumter Street.

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