Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Entertainment industry tips

Peace and blessings!!! Back with another edition of The Vocal Booth which is currently approaching its fourth year.  This volume, we are going to revisit a few tips that should help any artist or group thinking about diving head first into the world of entertainment.



Entertainment is an integral part of any discipline.  One must know how to put on show if your goal is to seek supporters.  Entertainment, as with any life choice, has both a good and bad side.   Here are 5 tips to use if you feel that entertainment is for you and success and happiness is what you are after….

TIP 1--- Be YOU.  How can you expect for people to subscribe to and support what it is you are if you do not subscribe to and support yourself.  Being YOU means that YOU are comfortable in your OWN skin regardless of whether or not someone feels you are not cut out.  Confidence can do much for success. (Check out ‘Juicy’ by Notorious B.I.G. for proof)


TIP 2--- Be ORIGINAL.  As time has proven this world is filled with ‘knockoffs’.  Any product you can imagine, for example Crunch & Munch, has a knock off; in this case Fiddle Faddle.  The reason why knockoffs are so common is because the first or original person, product, or even idea made such a HUGE impact on society that others just want to ride the wave.  In music this is definitely a common trend.  Most one hit wonders are just that because of the blueprint laid down by others--- Lil Wayne is simply a knockoff of Jay-Z. (Check out ‘Dead Presidents’ by Jay-Z first then ‘Hustler’s Music’ by Lil Wayne for proof)


TIP 3--- Be ASSERTIVE.  Too many times people are labeled and treated simply as stepping stones for other peoples wants.  The slave will never be the master if he or she accepts the title, position, and responsibilities of a slave.  In order to tilt the odds in your favor, YOU MUST be assertive in your talent, assertive in YOUR self-belief, and assertive enough to KNOW when you are in over your head.  The entertainment industry has done extreme amounts of damage to the lives of people everywhere (add any name of anybody from anywhere here_____________________) because instead of speaking their minds, most people hand over the wheel to others to do the driving.  One of the greatest things about being an artist is that you are the resource everyone is after.  If you decide to give your wealth away, there will always be somebody in the wings waiting on you with open arms.  Knowing that both YOUR WORTH and ABILITY matter more means people will see only what you show. (Check out the careers of 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, U2, Miles Davis, Eminem, and even MC Hammer for proof)


TIP 4--- STUDY, PRACTICE, and RESEARCH your craft. There is truly no way around this one.  To be the best you must push yourself.  The saying is that ‘ignorance is bliss’; believe that propaganda IF YOU WANT!!! (Check out Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley for proof)


TIP 5--- KNOW YOUR LIMITS.  Having a good idea of when you should throw in towel should always resonate in your mind.  Entertainment is as unforgiving a discipline as ever.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  Prepare your exit plan as you begin to prepare your business plan.  Know your limits in dealing with others.  Every success story is successful because of the people you do not see; the people in the background.  Make sure you team is tight; meaning that everyone has the betterment of all on their radar instead of self-service.  (Check out The Clash, Lynyrd Skynyrd, 2 Pac, and many more for proof)

---the importance of these tips can and will vary throughout your time in the spotlight.  Knowing your limits, practicing your craft, staying assertive, being an originator, and never downplaying yourself are tips that should serve you well on your journey.  SALUTE!!!




Time is limited, be sure to keep following your dreams.  Stay Free!!!


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