Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Regional Briefs


Woman jailed for repeatedly calling 911


A Warrenville area woman was arrested for making repeated nonemergent calls to a local 911 emergency line and then cursing at a dispatcher who told her to call a different line.


Angela Kneece, 43, could face six months in prison or a $200 fine if convicted of harassing 911 dispatch. According to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, Kneece began calling the emergency line around 5:20 a.m. complaining that her estranged husband had taken her vehicle. After being transferred to the regular office line Kneece was told that, until her divorce was finalized, the vehicle was technically still marital property.


Over the next 40 minutes, authorities said, Kneece called 911 at least four more times to report the vehicle. She began using profanity shortly after 6 a.m. when the dispatcher finally put officers on the case –to arrest Kneece for harassment.



Children take SUV on rambling joy ride

Two young sisters, ages 11 and 7, suffered minor injuries after the SUV being driven by the 11-year-old left the road and flipped onto its side.


Police were first alerted to the developing incident when a convenience store reported that the SUV had struck a gas pump and left the scene. The store is more than three miles from the girls’ home. A police spokesperson said the girls took their parents’ vehicle around 3 a.m., according to the Charleston Post and Courier.


Shortly after 7:30 a.m. police received a call that a vehicle matching the SUVs description had run off the road and flipped around four miles from the convenience store. The girls were found inside with only minor scrapes and bruises. The 11-year-old was charged with reckless driving and driving without a drivers license.


MUSC makes headlines for “growing” meat

The Medical University of South Carolina has been in the news recently after researchers there announced plans to grow edible meat from animal stem cells and a mysterious compound simply described as “growth serum.”


The project was initially funded by a grant from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Scientists say the process would begin with a simple biopsy of an animal. Once the stem cells are harvested and the serum added, the compound binds to form muscle tissue. The scientists then administer electric shocks to ramp up protein content and then shoot the specimen full of vitamins, flavoring, and other nutrients. The first samples, researchers told the Charleston Post & Courier, will look like “meat bars.”

The first public trials of what the researchers are calling “Charlem” –an abbreviation of “Charleston engineered meat”—are slated to be conducted in Sweden in August. It could be up to a decade before it finds its way into American refrigerators, they said.


Man says face of Jesus appeared in his fireplace stonework

“I see Jesus!”


That’s what Raymond Espey, 88, exclaimed to a friend who had dropped by his Regent Park residence to help around the house. The friend, David Smith, said he walked into the living room to find Espey pointing to a design in the stonework on the fireplace.


Espey has always been deeply religious, Smith said, but he admitted that when he plopped down on the couch to rest, the design staring at him from the mantle did kind of resemble the Christian savior.


“I think it’s a sign,” Smith told the Rock Hill Herald, “showing [Espey] that [Jesus] is there, even when you don’t notice.”


Espy said he wasn’t surprised that the Son of God, Creator of the Universe had chosen to manifest in a quasi-physical form on a living room fireplace in Fort Mill, S.C.


“I’ve known Jesus was here all the time,” Espey said.



Mother arrested for leaving newborn in toilet at the circus


After a 72-hour manhunt Greenville police say they arrested a woman who gave birth to a baby boy in a Bi-Lo Center bathroom stall and left the newborn in the toilet.


The baby was found by a Bi-Lo Center employee who was cleaning up after the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The baby was immediately transported to Greenville Memorial Hospital where he was treated for hypothermia and remained in critical condition for over two days.


Police arrested 24-year-old Jessica Blackham of Easley four days after the baby was initially discovered, saying they linked her to the child when she sought medical attention for post-delivery symptoms. Blackham has been charged with felony child abuse and unlawful neglect of a child.


Animal Planet to accompany man on Bigfoot hunt

A film crew from the national cable television channel, Animal Planet, plans to follow a North Carolina man into the forest to search for Sasquatch.


Michael Greene, of Salisbury, says he never believed in the mythical creature until he baited one with a Zagnut candy bar in Montgomery County and then filmed it with thermal-imaging equipment.


“Until I saw it myself, I did not believe it,” Greene told the Charlotte Observer. “It was like a fairy tale.”


Tahli Kouperstein, director of communications for Animal Planet, told the Observer that a film crew will accompany Greene on his expedition in the Uwharrie National Forest in Montgomery County.


“They are using modern technology to finally find the legendary and elusive creature,” Kouperstein said.


Montgomery County resident, Chris Cagle, told the Montgomery Herald that he has doubts about the existence of the creature.


“If there was a Bigfoot in the forest, he would already be mounted on some guy’s wall,” he said.

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