Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Amos Lee

Peace and blessings.  Hope you have been good out there.  Congrats to Columbia City Paper for being one of the truly funky papers around.  Hope your Black History Month is going well.  Time has been breezing by, but winter is still in our grasps.  Much love goes to all of you up north who have been buried by the snow for weeks now.  The sun always comes out though.  Be patient.  2011’s music season keeps rolling on. Last issue we covered a few treats from Boston (Statik Selektah & Termanology).  Today we’ll delve a little deeper into someone with roots here in the Palmetto State, Amos Lee. Let’s get it.


The following info was taken from my latest perusal of Amos Lee’s Amazon store as I sought to purchase Mission Bell, his latest release on Blue Note Records.  “Taking inspiration from soul greats, Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers, and folk legends, John Prine and Dave Van Ronk, Amos Lee directs his music with a spirit and presence rooted in American tradition. Amos delivers a unique brand of folk-soul music that aims to unite, uplift, and inspire. The “folk” side is reflected in his nimble acoustic guitar playing and the intimacy of his live performances. The “soul” strain comes through in the engaging song-poetry of his lyrics and in what the Philadelphia Inquirer described as his “easygoing voice” and “raw, unedited emotion.”  Releasing his first album back in 2005 (Amos Lee), with the great ‘Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight’; I was extremely proud to be a personal friend to and music maker with Mr. Lee (a former USC grad and employee along with myself of the timeless Papa Jazz Record Shoppe- 5 Points).  Since that time, Amos Lee has traveled countless miles and touched countless hearts.  From crafting a few more albums, Supply & Demand (2006), Last Days at the lodge (2008), and the current Mission Bell (2011), to recording and touring with music royalty (B.B. King, Norah Jones, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, and more); Amos Lee has become a reminder of how important and powerful music is.

Mission Bell (Blue Note Records) is an album filled with love, lessons, and life fulfilled. ‘El Camino’, ‘Violin’, ‘Out of the cold’ are perfect examples of Amos’ vocal and technical abilities.  His acoustic guitar playing is reminiscent of Willie Dixon, yet is as forward grooving as the Kings Of Leon on a good day. ‘Cup of Sorrow’ (my personal favorite) and ‘Jesus’ are two examples of the strength and desire the human spirit can posses to improve our existence.  Mission Bell is a great introduction to anyone out there who has never heard of Amos Lee before.  If you have, this would be the perfect time and opportunity to support the beautiful vision he relays through song. Support good music.


Catch you next issue.  Enjoy all the time you are given!!!

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