Monday, January 10, 2011

Obits at NBT 1-17

Obits, veterans of the indie rock scene will be at New Brookland Tavern on Monday, January 17th.  Think of them as if the best indie rock you ever heard was put in a blender with great punk, and you now have an Obits smoothie.

Lead guitarist/vocalist Rick Froberg is just over 40 years of age and is still rocking the indie scene.  Froberg was previously a member of Pitchfork, Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu and hooked up with his current bandmates in New York. On drums is Scott Gursky of Shortstack, on bass Greg Simpson, and joining on guitar and vocals is Sohrab Habibion, formerly of Edsel.

Their 2009 debut release ‘I Blame You’ has been called “one of the most relevant slices of rock you’ll hear.”

They will sure to be playing some new hits with a new album set to release on 3/29 so check out this show!


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