Friday, December 24, 2010

Regional Briefs

Manhunt continues for Wal-Mart batteries thieves

Aiken police continue to search for an Aiken County man and his unidentified accomplice following their alleged theft of 20 packs of batteries from an area Wal-Mart.
Patrick Weber, 33, and his as yet unidentified accomplice are accused of stuffing the batteries into their pockets and leaving the store. After security personnel were unable to detain Weber and his partner, a responding police officer turned on his blue lights and attempted to pull over Weber’s fleeing vehicle as it left the scene. Weber allegedly led the officer on a brief high-speed chase, before the officer backed off.
At press time, City Paper has been unable to verify the street value of a pack of Duracell or Energizer batteries or if a black market for them actually exists. Wal-Mart reportedly gave the 20 stolen packs a retail value of around $100.

Kid recovering after being “jumped out” of middle school candy syndicate

Mount Pleasant police were called to an area middle school after a kid reported being beaten for attempting to leave an underground candy syndicate at the school.
According to the Charleston Post and Courier, the boy and three others created a “candy gang” that would acquire candy from the ringleader’s mother, sell it to other students, and then return the profits to the ringleader. When the boy told fellow gang members of his intention to leave, the gang reportedly beat him up in a school rest room
Two of the assailants have been charged with lynching.

Moped driver to police: I’m not drunk, just obese
According to a Mount Pleasant police report, a man who was stopped by police for driving a moped erratically said he couldn’t submit to a field sobriety test because he was a “fat (expletive).”
Police reportedly pulled the moped over at around 2 a.m. after witnessing the 49-year-old driver riding in the median and swerving into oncoming lanes. After pulling the man over and determining his alleged drunkenness, the officers arrested him on charges of driving under the influence, second offense.

On-duty sexual assaults catch up with police officer

A former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer was sentenced to two years in prison for sexually assaulting six women while on duty. Victims and others associated with the case have said the sentence is too light for the crimes. According to a report by the Charlotte Observer, Marcus Jackson, 26, could be out of jail in only a year because he’ll get credit for the 344 days spent in jail during the trial period.
Jackson was fired from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department last year after two women reported being sexually assaulted by him during traffic stops. One of the victims, a 17-year-old girl, said Jackson told her he wouldn’t write her a traffic citation in exchange for oral sex. During the trial, Assistant District Attorney Samantha Pendergrass told the judge that Jackson’s DNA was found on the teen’s jacket hood and sleeves.
One of Jackson’s victims, a 38-year-old Mexican woman, said the officer fondled her on two separate occasions. She wasn’t satisfied with the sentence, either.
“I don’t feel good,” she told the Observer. “It’s not enough time for what he did.”
Charlotte Police Chief, Rodney Monroe, agreed. “Twenty years might have not been enough,” he said.

Elderly Wal-Mart greeter accused of assaulting customer with walker

TEGA CAY –A Fort Mill man told Tega Cay police that a Wal-Mart greeter assaulted him with a walker during the Black Friday shopping weekend.
According to a police report, the 74-year-old greeter asked to see the customer’s receipt as he left the store. When the 67-year-old customer refused to show his receipt, citing that his purchases had already been bagged, the greeter reportedly became agitated. The greeter then allegedly shoved the man into a nearby door with a walker.
After viewing video surveillance footage of the incident, police determined that the greeter used the walker to shove the shopping cart into the door, involving the customer by proxy. The greeter was not charged in the incident.

Area canine recovering after being trapped in burning doghouse

Greenville police have arrested a man they say set fire to a doghouse after trapping a dog inside.
Issac Anderson, 52, was charged with ill treatment of animals and third degree arson. Authorities said someone put a cinder block around the dog’s neck to keep it from escaping after the doghouse was set on fire.
The dog, Pookie, survived the fire and is being treated for burns and other injuries at an area veterinarian’s office.
Anderson remains in custody on a $5,000 bond.

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