Thursday, April 22, 2010

Regional Briefs


Child makes miniature snowmen out of pollen

The blanket of pollen that has been draped over the state since March is a nuisance to most. An eleven-year-old Aiken girl considers it a medium for artistic expression.
Miranda Gay and friend, Julia Harper, spent the better part of a day collecting pollen from around her yard to construct what they call “Pollen Man” and “Pollen Girl,” according the Aiken Standard. The figurines, shaped like snowmen and completely made of pollen, stand around seven inches tall apiece.
“They filled a beach bucket about a quarter of the way up with pollen,” Miranda’s mother, Suzanne Gay, told the Standard.
“I put a little water in it, and it felt like goopy clay,” Miranda said in the report. She said she was happy with how the figurines turned out.


Woman arrested for urinating on church
Police arrested a Florence woman after they say she was caught urinating against the side of a church.
According to the Florence Morning News, a police officer on routine patrol noticed the woman squatting under a street lamp and relieving herself on the New Life Church on Pine St.
According to a police report, the woman said she had to go really badly and couldn’t hold it. She was arrested for indecent exposure. So far, church officials have made no comment.


Publisher sues entire newspaper staff following their defection to a rival paper

The entire staff of The Manning Times has reportedly resigned and formed a rival newspaper, according to the Sumter Item. Their former employer’s response: to sue each one of them.
According to the report, Barry Moore, owner of the Times, alleges in his lawsuit that employees were plotting to start a rival newspaper while still on his payroll. He also alleges that they used resources at the Times to build their newspaper, The Clarendon Citizen, while on the company dole.
According the Item, the layout of the Clarendon Citizen is similar to the Manning Times, features many of its advertisers and even ran identical ads.
Attorneys for the Times claim the plot to resign en masse was intended to cripple the Times, while “...using Manning Times trade secrets and proprietary and confidential business information to convert and steal Manning Times current and prospective advertisers.”
The Times has reportedly been in print for 125 years.


Myrtle Beach may call for removal of Confederate flag at State House

A Myrtle Beach city councilman has delayed a resolution asking state legislators to remove the Confederate flag from the State House grounds, citing the importance of unanimous city council support before moving forward.
According to The Sun News, Councilman Phil Render will postpone the motion until some time next month. Render said Myrtle Beach has lost sporting and other events because of the NAACP boycott of the state over the flag issue.


Man jailed for using snake as a weapon against neighbor
A man who described himself as “deathly afraid” of reptiles was struck in the face with a six-foot long python that his neighbor at the Executive Inn was using as a weapon.
Police arrested Tony Smith, 29, and charged him with assault and battery after Jeffrey Culp, 47, accused Smith of attacking him with the snake. Culp, a resident at the inn, said he had seen Smith and the snake before.

[caption id="attachment_1481" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Tony Smith, 29, was charged with assault and battery for allegedly using a snake to hit a man in an altercation."][/caption]

“He was out there running up and down the sidewalk with it,” Culp told the Rock Hill Herald. “I told him I don’t do snakes.”
On the night of the incident, Culp said Smith and others were blaring music and racing down the hallway in chairs. According to Culp, he asked Smith to quiet down. When he went out on the balcony for a cigarette a couple of hours later, he said, Smith tapped him on the shoulder and shoved the snake in his face. The snake reportedly bit down on Culp’s lip during the struggle.
According to the media report, Culp took a three-hour long shower after the incident and had trouble sleeping.
“I almost had a heart attack,” Culp told the Herald. “I dropped to my knees and actually crawled back into my room.”

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