Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More legal troubles for Pop's Pizza

By Paul Blake

Two new lawsuits against proprietors of Beys Sports Bar and Pop’s Pizza were filed on April 6, 2010.  J & J Sports Productions, Inc. alleges that on on May 5, 2007 Bey Rutherford illegally presented the WBC Light Middleweight Championship Fight: Oscar De La Hoya v. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. at his sports bar on Harden Street.  A second suit filed by Joe Hand Promotions, Inc. alleges Rutherford illegally presented Ultimate Fighting Championship: Jason MacDonald v. Rory Singer on June 16, 2007.   Both suits were filed by attorney Leonard R. Jordan, Jr. of Berry, Quackenbush and Stuart in Columbia, and seek over $150,000 in damages and compensation.

These are not the first lawsuits filed against Bey Rutherford since he moved to Columbia to open Pop’s Pizza and Beys Sports Bar.  On Feb. 12, 2009, DirecTV filed a case in federal court for unauthorized reception of cable service. The case named John P. Sankey, The Daxlam LTD, and Pop’s Pizza.
In August of 2009, City Paper reported on court records showing Rutherford owes close to $10,000 to local advertising and marketing agencies.  Those records allege that Rutherford was racking up large advertising and marketing bills and not paying the agencies for their services.   Pop’s Pizza employee’s were busted stealing City Paper bundles from racks throughout Columbia during that edition,  but the newspaper declined to press charges when it was clear Rutherford was going to allow his employees alone to take the rap.

As reported in an April 2007 City Paper investigation, Rutherford was born John Patrick Sankey, and changed his name to Madison Rutherford in late 1986.  After faking his own death in July of 1998, Rutherford was operating under the name Thomas Bey Hamilton at an investment firm in Boston.  Rutherford now calls himself “Bey Rutherford,” but he is in fact the same “Madison” Rutherford who served five years in a Connecticut prison for fraud after withdrawing his neighbors’ life savings and staging his death as part of an elaborate insurance scheme.  The body that was burned in a rental car to fake his own death was never identified.

John P. Sankey is also the name of his father, whom Rutherford used to obtain the business and liquor license to operate in Five Points.  Sankey is a Connecticut resident and appeared in Columbia the first few months when Rutherford was opening the establishments.  Multiple sources have confirmed that Rutherford “signs the paperwork” and handles day to day operations and that Sankey is a Connecticut resident.  Rutherford has previously identified himself as the owner of the bar to a local television station and other media outlets in Columbia.

In May 1996, Rutherford took out a $332,000 mortgage on an elderly woman’s home without her knowledge.  Rutherford had convinced Brigitte Beck to sign over power of attorney to manage her finances and eventually withdrew her life savings leaving her with $500, records show.
When City Paper interviewed Beck in 2007, she said: “I lost my ten-room home, which was paid for, and he knew darn well.”
It is unclear how Rutherford has continued to operate with the liquor license he helped obtain from the state of South Carolina.   State law requires: “The applicant, all employees, and all principals must be of good moral character.”


  1. This is a lie, I didn't do any of this! I was too busy screwing over my employees and customers to worry about stealing cable!

    1. bay get right i am the dude that used to help you and you fired me because that stupid ass wett back mexican girl said i stole her money

  2. Madison RutherfordJanuary 7, 2011 at 12:37 AM


    I never screwed anyone over or stole cable. And I most certainly didn't claim my employees as part owners so I wouldn't have to pay taxes on them. I was too busy hiding out in Mexico after staging my own death. If that damn Chevy Suburban would have just exploded like planned, rather than burning slowly, none of this would have happened. I wonder if I can get my necklace back. hmmmm?

    Regardless, come out to Bey's this weekend for $4 car bombs and $4 Jager bombs. No pun intended on the car bombs.

  3. My my madison, back in the news again! My wife was best friends with this duo for thirty years--she was totally blind to their evil until the end, and we still ended up wathing Rynie's cats for a year while she was in the federal pen(not long enough)

    I never trusted these two, and warned Lindda about them,she ended up divorcing me in 2003. although we remained close,really like married, but living apart.Rynie did everything to poison the relationship.
    My dear wife died August 2004 from an asthma attack, working as a nurse in Cape Cod, Ma. I'm firmly convinced we would still be married if not for the prognostications of Ms. Jefferson. When we were told of his "death" in 1998, Rhynie had broken her leg, and gave an Oscar winning crying performance. But we both suspected something ws amiss. It was no surprise when they were bot arrested in 2001.

    I actually thought that Madison was the nice one, but I was wrong. The Federal sentence was way too light for both of them!!

  4. former acquaintanceJuly 22, 2011 at 3:16 AM

    @ t.sciacca,
    They both are and always will be disgusting examples of how bad people can be. Both Madison and Rhynnie are con artists thru and thru!
    They both took advantage of a close family member of mine, too. They stole all her money as well as many of her belongings (some quite valuable, some sentimental) and caused her a lot of pain and suffering. They are both pure evil and should be locked up for good.

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