Thursday, April 22, 2010

Appetite For Destruction at NBT Friday

Axel Rose is out of his prime and Slash has gone on to put together an album full of less than memorable guitar-fronted songs with celebrity-of-the-week guest vocals.  Don’t let that sully your dreams of seeing a memorable performance of Welcome to the Jungle or belting out Sweet Child O’ Mine in a concert atmosphere.  Rejoice my long-haired, bandana-wearing friends, because Appetite For Destruction comes to the New Brookland Tavern on April 23rd.
AFD are a group of tour-seasoned and well-regarded tribute artists out of Raleigh, NC.  For diehards and casual fans alike, AFD offers an accurate representation of the legendary rock band in the era spanning the heart of their career (1987-1993.)
Foo Fighters cover band, Colour and the Shape will also be on the bill.  Their performance was likely the highlight of the New Brookland Tavern’s annual New Year’s Eve cover show earlier this year.  It’s no small wonder the venue invited them back for a follow-up show.
With Colour and the Shape in tow, AFD is primed for a memorable performance.  Make sure you get your best pre-grunge rock duds out of the attic and memorize the verses from Nightrain before you make your way down to the New Brookland Tavern, April 23rd.

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