Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Regional News

By Todd Morehead


Area raccoons acting odd

A City of Aiken Animal Control officer says four incidents of “strange” raccoon activity were reported in one week.

According to the Aiken Standard, the most recent incident involved a raccoon fighting with a homeowner’s dogs. Another incident involving dogs and a separate raccoon occurred a few days prior. Experts are particularly concerned that three of the four incidents occurred during daylight hours, as raccoons are normally nocturnal. One of the animals tested negative for rabies. Tests on the others are pending.

Aiken veterinarian Charlie Timmerman told the Standard that the raccoons could have distemper. He also said that some raccoons become intoxicated on fermented berries. The only raccoon captured during the night was acting erratic near a Wal-Mart.

Motorists on I-20 report objects thrown from overpass

Aiken County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating multiple claims of highway vandalism reported by victims who say someone threw objects at their cars.

Authorities are looking into five incidents that occurred on roadways near Graniteville. In separate incidents, two motorists reported that objects had been dropped on their vehicles from an overpass on I-20 near mile marker 11. Paint was thrown on a vehicle during another incident. Two other motorists reported shattered windshields due to objects being thrown at their cars on a road near Graniteville.

No injuries have been reported so far and no suspects have been named.


Fourth grader accused of poising teacher

A Colleton County girl is accused of attempting to poison her teacher with crushed prescription pills after the teacher switched her to a different class.

Authorities said the 10-year-old Hendersonville Elementary student placed the crushed pills and possibly other poisons in her teacher’s drink. The teacher, Laura Tew, reportedly began to feel ill, but worked through the rest of the day. When her symptoms worsened she was forced to call in sick. The principal learned that a student had bragged that she had “taken care” of Tew, according to authorities.

The girl has not been formally charged, but prosecutors may take the matter before a judge. She could be charged with either a felony count of administering or attempting to administer poison or a felony count of tampering with products or food items. However, state law prohibits the state from incarcerating a child younger than 11.


Man beaten over choice of alcoholic beverage

A Fort Mill man has been charged with assault after he allegedly punched a man who bought the wrong type of alcohol for a party.

According to York County authorities, two men left a party on Fossil Stone Lane to purchase booze for the group. When they returned, an altercation ensued over the kind of alcohol purchased. The individual responsible for the purchase was then beaten by one of the dissatisfied drinkers.


Argument over parking spot ends tragically

Investigators say an employee at a Gray Court car lot killed his coworker in an altercation over a parking spot.

According to multiple media reports, Randy Lyn Fuller, 50, was angered by a car that had been parked in front of another vehicle that was about to be shipped from Classic Cars of South Carolina. Fuller and another employee argued over the parking arrangement and Fuller reportedly died during the ensuing altercation. No evidence of stabbing or other wounds were found. Authorities have not yet filed charges in the case and are investigating a claim that Fuller’s coworker was acting in self-defense.


Inmate accused of exposing himself to guard

An inmate in the York County jail faces additional charges after a female guard said he attempted to masturbate in front of her.

According to a report filed by the York County Sheriff’s Office, a 22-year-old inmate told a female officer that he had a question about a form he needed to fill out. When she approached, she said he exposed himself and began to masturbate as she neared. The officer turned and walked away and the inmate apologized.


Intoxicated cop accused of pulling his pistol at Shoney’s

A Lee County sheriff’s deputy has been charged with pointing a gun at employees of a Hartsville area Shoney’s before driving away drunk, according to a report in the Sumter Item.

A spokesman for the Lee County sheriff’s office said Sgt. James Reddick, 55, will be terminated. According to the report, Reddick was intoxicated at Shoney’s and pulled his handgun on employees. About 20 people were reportedly in the restaurant. He was later stopped by Hartsville police for driving erratically.


Drunken man tries to evade police in go-cart

Police cruisers didn’t have to work too hard to catch up to a man suspected of stealing a go-cart.

Authorities arrested Edward Sweezy, 29, at an intersection in Union after spotting him in a go-cart, turning on their lights and sirens, and pulling him over. Sweezy reportedly became agitated during questioning and later struggled after police found a crack pipe and a bottle of pills. The police turned the go-cart over to Sweezy’s wife.

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