Monday, March 1, 2010

LOOK MEXICO Wed March 3 at NBT

Columbia, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. LOOK MEXICO is coming to town on March 3. Who is Look Mexico you say? Frankly, I’m not surprised you ask. For some reason, this five-piece from Tallahassee, FL remains one of indie music’s best kept secrets.

Their lack of publicity is not from a lack of effort, though. Since their inception in 2004, the group has released three EPs, and one full-length with another full-length slated for later this year. That would put the group’s grand total at five releases (not including a compilation and a collection) in only six years. And their skills are not spent entirely on proliferation either. Their songwriting never ceases to be highly inventive and eclectic.

To derive this sound, Look Mexico uses quite a bit of finger-picking, with guitarists often riffing off of one another to further complicate rhythms and melodies. You might also hear the occasional slide guitar or electronic element in their songs, thus infusing their sound with more diversity. All of this musicianship shines through in a live performance that might garner sing-a-long potential depending on how well you know the words to “Done and Done” or a seemingly spontaneous cross-legged sit down including the entire band and the audience (I’ve seen it with my own eyes - twice) for “Guys, I Need a Helicopter.”

If this sounds like your scene, make sure you’re at the New Brookland Tavern on March 3 for Look Mexico. If you find yourself still a little unsure, just remember that there are worse things that you could do on a Wednesday night than take in some original live music.

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