Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Regional Briefs


Inmate in hot water over pool picture

A Chester man is back in prison after a news report revealed photos of him swimming in a pool and working unsupervised while he was a trusty at a county jail.

George Wise, 61, was originally sentenced to 12 years for felony DUI. According to a report by WSPA-TV, Wise, a former auditor, was allowed to leave the prison to help the city of Chester with its finances. But, Wise wasn’t properly supervised as required by state prison rules while working at City Hall and apparently went for a swim in a city swimming pool while serving his sentence.


Trigger fingers crossed over Renegade Hunter Act

Florence resident, Kathy Andrews, told the Florence Morning News that renegade hunters have made life miserable around her home during hunting season, often trudging through her yard in large groups behind packs of baying dogs. Sometimes they fire shots within proximity of her home, she said. She posted no trespassing signs that were torn down and law enforcement did nothing. Andrews said she now escapes to a beach house during hunting season.

But a new bill, called the Renegade Hunter Act, would impose fines on hunters who intentionally trespass on another person’s land with hunting dogs and a firearm.

Andrews said she hopes the final version of the bill will be similar to a law in Georgia that requires a hunter to have at least 1,000 acres before a hunting dog can be released.

“...One hunter told me, ‘Dogs can’t read signs,” Andrews said to the Morning News.

“Well, if a dog can’t read a sign, the dog needs enough land to run on.”

In response to her complaints, some hunters have started to taunt her, she said. Meanwhile, the Senate has passed the bill to the House for consideration.

Handheld mirror used for bathroom peeping

A Florence area man was arrested after authorities said he used a small mirror to peep under public restroom stalls and record people using the bathroom.

Police said Simpere Broach, 58, didn’t seem to target specific victims and would hide in restroom stalls and videotape most anyone who used the neighboring toilet.

“If you went into a stall, he got you,” Florence Police Maj. Carlos Raines told the Florence Morning News.

Broach was arrested after an 11-year-old boy noticed the mirror poking under his stall while using the restroom in an area department store.


Man steals car at police chief’s funeral

A South Carolina man has been accused of taking a purse and stealing a car from a funeral home during the wake for a former police chief.

An officer working security for the visitation witnessed the theft and pursued the suspect. The man crashed into a light pole a short distance away.

Lucien Howard, 48, has been charged with burglary, grand larceny and driving under the influence.


Clerk of court at receiving end of trial

Spartanburg County Clerk of Court, Marcus Kitchens has resigned after he allegedly removed drugs from an evidence room and sold them.

According to police, Kitchens was arrested after paying a man $3,000 to find a buyer for the drugs. Instead the man notified the DEA.

Kitchens is charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and methamphetamine. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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