Friday, December 18, 2009

Vocal Booth


Greetings to you!!!  Hope all is well out there.  Much has gone down since we last shot the breeze.  The Vocal Booth is proud to wish all of you out there some Happy Holidays (From Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, and Of Course Kwanzaa).  As the holiday season is upon us, the music keeps on pumping.  Timbaland is back another album, OC and AG (Remember them?) of D.I.T.C. fame have released their first collabo album in the vein of Method Man and Redman….BANGER! Gucci Mane had to undergo his major label release behind bars, but the streets love it.   Rhianna has released her 4th album to little fanfare, but she gets brownie points for her extremely vivid and emotional writing, and as expected, Chris Brown has flopped.  His album is truly having a hard time making any type of connection with the people.  I must say that the people have spoken…Beat a woman, lose your female fans.  Women are the #1 consumers of everything.  Not a smart move. Let’s get it!!!!


Back just in time with a great last minute stocking stuffer, and fresh off the release of his critically-acclaimed, 10th studio album, Snoop Dogg has jumped back in the driver’s seat with his new album, Malice In Wonderland. Chopped filled with songs about women (Gangsta Love, Pimpin’ Ain’t EZ), his hometown and partying (I Wanna Rock, 1800), and love locked down (Special), Malice In Wonderland is the perfect addition for the ‘EastSide Rider’ in all of us.  Coming in 14 songs (with 2 interludes) deep and just under 50 minutes, Snoop Dogg has crafted a jewel.  From warm, simmering, and powerful G-Funk melodies reminiscent of Ice Cube’s Lethal Injection, DJ Quik’s Way 2 Fonky, and a sprinkle of E-40’s In A Major Way, the production quality is definitely a strong suit for ‘The Boss’.  If there is a drawback to Malice In Wonderland, it would be a little too many songs with weak guest appearances (Soulja Boy, Problem) and no presence of The DPGC  Collective (sans DJ EZ D*CK). Malice In Wonderland was an album created by Snoop Dogg as a testament to the prowess of his musical legacy and current stylistic influence.  This is also an album that celebrates the power of loyalty to one’s craft, crew, and core audience.  The beautifully crafted ‘Special’ featuring Brandy & Pharell is the perfect celebration to those who’ve stood by Calvin Broadus from day one and still to this day.  The Boss Lady, Mrs. Broadus,  is also a big influence on how this album was crafted and arranged together; Snoop is 10 toes down in love with this woman  By all means grab yourself a copy, grab a Swisher Sweet, and be sure not to forget your favorite poison of choice….this will ensure that you will rock.  GO SUPPORT REAL MUSIC!!!


Any artist, musician, band, record label, producer, manager, songwriter, DJ, B-Boy, and overall music lover; if you are looking for some exposure and support for your project…The Record Report (SC’s 1st & Only Live Radio Talk Show dedicated to EVERYTHING MUSIC!!!) is looking for some show guests.  Be sure to call 803.546.2319 or send in an email to…  HYPERLINK "" for more info.  Also be on the lookout for The Vocal Booth Year End Wrap-Up Issue coming sooner than you think.  More details on the way!!!


Thanks for all the love and support.  Have a safe, happy, and family filled holiday.  See you in the New Year!!!!  Be sure to stay sucker-free!!!


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