Monday, November 16, 2009

Melt Banana

New Brookland Tavern
November 18, 2009
Thank God
The Unawares
...for science!


Where to start....I think I could write a treatise on Japan and how their culture is slightly off in a completely hilarious way when looked at through a western lens and how that weird guy (and in this progressive era girls now as well) in your dorm that has his dresser drawers filled with Japanese video games and hentai instead of clothes, yet doesn't speak Japanaese and has never been to Japan needs to be shot in the groin before reproducing....but the treatise would also cover how, excluding J-pop of course, this culture has produced some pretty amazing indie acts over the years that run the gambit from Pizzicato Five to Merzbow (saw him live in '98 but that is a story for another time) with bands like Polysics, Shonen Knife and Melt-Bannana somewhere in the middle.

If you don't know, Melt-Bannana is a noise rock band with punk energy and pace. If you don't trust my pick and run onto Myspace or something to check them out keep this in mind...they are one of those bands that is 100x better live than on a CD. It's a can't miss show. So much so that I wanted to make it my pick a couple of months ago when the show was booked. You better watch this fucking band!

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