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Interview By Thomas Moore
    iwrestledabearonce hail from the small town of Shreveport, La. Consisting of five dudes and one rad female vocalist, iWaBo mashes up elements of electro, grind and jazz, landing on the metal scene with a bizarre but functional approach. I mean, where else can you find an intense electro build that climaxes in a breakdown – complete with pinch harmonics—constructed from the “Inspector Gadget” theme song? Yeah, nowhere. City Paper got a chance to catch up with Steven (guitars and programming) and Krysta (vocals) and see what they’re all about. Check it out:

CCP: How old are you folks?
Steven: We range in age from 20-26. We are old.

CCP: When and how did you guys start playing together?
Steven: Shreveport, Louisiana is ridiculously small and four of us were in a band together before iWaBo. I met Krysta when our old band was on tour in New York and she moved down to Shreveport because we started dating. Both of our previous bands had broken up and we started going crazy after a few months not playing shows, so we started iWaBo with some of my friends/former band mates and recorded the first EP. A few months later, we added a live drummer and a keyboard/samples fella.

CCP: What are some other bands y'all have been in?
Steven: John, Brian, Ryan and I were in a band called Statues Cry Bleeding. Worst name ever. Krysta was in This Years Addiction.

CCP: Is it tough being in a metal group in Shreveport? Is it harder to get shows/attention/press?
Steven: Ten years ago I would have said yes, but nowadays thanks to the Internet it's a totally level playing field. Anyone who blames their small hometown on their lack of success is just lazy.

CCP: Was the idea of creating a sound with elements of grind, electro and jazz present from the beginning, or was it an idea developed after playing together for a bit?
Steven: We started out the band with the premise of not fitting in to any one genre and just playing whatever we wanted. The five songs on our EP were the first five songs we ever wrote, so it's definitely been the general idea from the very beginning.

CCP: What are some groups you've toured with/would like to tour with?
Steven: We've toured with our friends' bands Beatin' Up Girls (irony is great), Aesthetic, Forever in Terror, and a few other bands for a couple dates here and there. We're going out with American Me and Stray from the Path in May/June and then doing Canada in June with lots of glorious Canadian local bands! As far as who we'd like to tour with... Too many to list!

CCP: The next few are for Krysta... Do you feel any more pressure as a female vocalist in a male-dominated position?
Krysta: It's always been a male-dominated society and especially in heavy music. I always feel a little weird before we go on and people see me and expect me to be the singer from Paramore and then we play and I'm obviously not. It's always fun too when the door person stops me and gives me shit because they think I'm someone's girlfriend or the merch girl. When we play it feels great because it just goes to show that women can walk on stage and not have to be whores or sing pop rock. Kids are really supportive of me and the band most of the time after they see us play.

CCP: What's it like touring with five sweaty dudes?
Krysta: For starters I think I sweat and fart about as much as they do. It just seems normal to me because Steven is my boyfriend and the rest of the guys are like my mentally challenged brothers.

CCP: And gentlemen, what's it like touring with one sweaty girl? 
Steven: Krysta has the most brutal farts of anyone in the band. 'Nuff said.
CCP: What's your favorite road food?

iWaBo: Anything that's free! And Little Caesar's $5 large pizzas are pretty amazing. Along with Taco Bell 99 cent Cheesy Bean and Rice Burritos.

CCP: How were you first inspired to pick up the mic and spit your lungs out onto it?
Krysta: Just growing up in a musical family made me want to sing all the time. As for screaming, I wanted to do something different and not have any boundaries for myself.

CCP: Are y'all looking to record/release anything soon?
iWaBo: We're going to do a full length probably in the winter... depends on a lot of things really, but we should for sure have something for an early spring 2009 release.

CCP: What do you guys do for a living?
Steven: I'm doing this interview at PJs coffee while Krysta is working. Daniel works here too. I record bands to make money when we're home. Ryan does carpentry for the movie business in Shreveport. Brian works building screens/porches/whatever for his dad's company. And John is unemployed.
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